These Challenges Are Very Likely The Reason Behind The Obesity Problem In The US (16 pics)

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The Big, Fat and Ugly

Fat Sandwich Company in Champaign, Illinois

The plate includes two rolls, four cheeseburgers, double cheese steak, chicken cheese steak, gyro meat, grilled chicken, bacon sausage, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, mac ‘n cheese bites, fried mushrooms, jalapeno poppers, onion rings, hash browns, mini corn dogs, American cheese, mayonnaise ketchup poppers and pizza bites. Eat the 20,000 calorie monstrosity in under 15 minutes and it’s free.


40 Inch Pizza Challenge

Black Mountain Mill in Black Mountain, North Carolina

The restaurant has an enormous pizza oven that is famous for making a $150 pizza., which is 40 inches and can feed up to 25 people. This is a two person challenge, but that doesn’t make it easy. There’s no time restraint here but you must finish the two-topping pizza without leaving the table. Which also means you can’t use the bathroom… because making ‘room’ is against the rules. If successful, your team wins $1,000.


72- Ounce Steak Dinner

The Big Texan in Amarillo, Texas

The plate not only has a gigantic slab of cow on it, but also shrimp cocktail, a baked potato, salad, and a roll with butter. Once the challenge begins, you’re not allowed to get up or let anyone else even touch your food. A $72 fee is required before beginning, but you’ll get it back if you can manage to finish.


15 Dozen Club

Acme Oyster House in New Orleans, Louisiana

Making the list as one of the most nauseating, you have to eat 15 dozen oysters in under an hour. To save you the math, that is 180 oysters. If you win you only get half-off the price of the oysters, but they do throw in a T-shirt and your name goes in the hall of fame.


The Bear Roll

Stuffy’s II in Longview, Washington

It’s these enormous 10-pound cinnamon rolls that must be eaten within an hour and 15 minutes if you want to make it into the hall of fame. You’ll also get a free hat or shirt and your meal for free. If you want to stay away from the sweet stuff, there’s also a 7-pound omelet or 7-pound plate of food to choose from.


7 Pound Burrito

Jack-n-Grill in Denver, Colorado

Truly a beast of a burrito, the 7-pound wonder is filled with meat and smothered in sauces. Anyone who can finish the whole thing gets their picture taken.


Pancake challenge

Seiad Cafe in Seiad Valley, California

Eat 5 of these 13-inch pancakes in less than two hours and your meal is free. Otherwise, it will cost you $13.95. Butter and syrup are allowed.


Cuban Monster Challenge

Cubavana Cuban Cafe in Cutler Bay, Florida

Order a 35-inch Cuban Monster Sandwich for $35. If you can manage to finish it in 45 minutes you’ll get $25 in cold hard cash, a free meal, and a T-shirt. The philanthropic cafe will also donate $40 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in your name.


Dawg House Challenge

Dobbs Dawg House in Dobbs Ferry, New York

Dobbs Dawg House in Dobbs Ferry, New York, will basically put anything on a hot dog… including melted cheese and crushed potato chips. The challenge requires you to eat a dozen of their specialty dogs, which are chosen at random. Finish all 12 in 30 minutes to earn bragging rights. And maybe a stomach ulcer.


Pho King Challenge

So Ba Vietnamese in Atlanta, Georgia

You pay $25 for a giant serving of pho which has 20 ounces of meat and 96 ounces of soup. If you finish it within an hour, it’s free and comes with a t-shirt and a gift card. However, very few people have managed to get down the whole thing.


Wing King Challenge

West End Tavern in Boulder, Colorado

Eat 50 wings to the bone in 30 minutes and you’ve succeeded. Winners get their wings for free, a shirt, and another free dozen. That is if they ever want to eat wings again after this.


Godzilla Roll

Sushi Delight in Lomita, California

This 6-pound sushi roll is full of spicy tuna, lobster, imitation crab and 15 other ingredients all wrapped in seaweed and covered in three sauces. Finish in an hour and get the meal for free, as well as an “I Tamed the Beast” T-shirt and your picture on the wall of fame. If you lose, you don’t only pay for the $34.95 roll, but your face will be posted up on the wall of shame.


Chupacabra Challenge

Joe Taco Mexi-Cafe in Amarillo, Texas

Get this monstrous 8 pound, 2 foot-long burrito for $25. If you eat it all you’ll get it for free, earn a spot on the wall of fame, and get a free meal every week for life.


Adam Emmenecker Challenge

Jethro’s Barbecue in Iowa

Even ‘Man V. Food’ star Adam Richman couldn’t conquer this challenge. Try eating a cheeseburger with pork tenderloin, buffalo chicken tenders, brisket, bacon, white cheddar sauce, fried cheese curds and spicy pickle, plus a whole pound of waffle fries, in only 15 minutes. Winners get a free tee shirt, a spot on the wall of fame, and the burger for free.


The Rocky Top Challenge

It’s All So Yummy Cafe in Knoxville, Tennessee

This ice cream sundae is made with 16 scoops of ice cream, three brownies, three bananas, and a shit load of toppings. It’s free if you manage to finish it within an hour. Otherwise, you pay $50 for ice cream.


Cardiac Arrestburger

Loopy’s II in Marinette, Wisconsin

This $35 burger contains three pounds of ground beef, a pound of ham, a pound of bacon, and a half-pound of cheese topped with onions and barbecue sauce. You’ll win a shirt if you finish it in the allotted one hour, but your food isn’t free unless you beat the highest record.




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