The Most Fun Online Slots (8 pics)

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Our pick for the Most fun Slots
There are so many slots available these days. Video slots have advanced to the point now where they have a huge number of different themes. Some of the most wild and wonderful ideas now inhabit the world of slots. Movies, TV shows, heroes of literature and even made up, new fantasy worlds, all have fantastic slots available. So with that having been said, here is our choice for the ten most fun online slots there are! All these slots are available to play at the Winstar slots section. So ready, set, spin!


Ramses Book

Ancient Egypt with its Pharaohs, Sphinx and pyramids stirred up people's emotions and minds for centuries. So it comes as no surprise that it's the basis for some of the most popular slots in the world. The Ramses Book slot is based on the epic character of Ramses, who was one of the most powerful and famous Pharaohs in Egypt's history. It's filled with Egyptian symbols like a golden eagle, sphinx, an ancient Egyptian monument with scripts, as well as Ramses himself. A closed Book of Ramses is the Scatter symbol and an open book image is the Bonus symbol. Both can trigger exciting free spins features.


Anchorman the Legend of Ron Burgundy

Including all of the male characters from the 2004 hilarious movie, the Anchorman is a slot designed especially for fans of this cult movie. Spin the wheels to see symbols of Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, David Koechner and even Baxter the dog, along with other symbols related to the movie like a Whiskey glass, a cowboy hat and sunglasses. To enhance the level of fun, this slot includes special features like jackpots and free spins.


Michael Jackson King of Pop

Michael Jackson King of Pop is a slot that is very much in line with the Michael Jackson brand. It is fun loving, enjoyable and even spits out Dirty Diana when you spin the reels. If you long for a return to top quality pop music combined with highly enjoyable slots then this game will give you hours of fun.



Cleopatra is another slot that takes players on a journey to ancient Egypt. It's filled with Egyptian symbols like the eye of Ra and a Scarab. The queen herself is the wild symbol, which means that she can substitute any other symbol in winning combinations and she also doubles any winning you can get on the slot. A Sphinx is a Scatter symbol, allowing players to win free spins if it appears three or more times on the reels of the slot.


Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is a vampire themed slot that will grab anyone interested in dark and bloody atmosphere. The symbols in the game include a potion, garlic, a bible with a silver cross, and a combination of an old pistol with a bow and an arrow. The characters all come from the world of darkness and include male and female vampires. The bonus symbol is a bloody hammer and the scatter symbol is a vampire bride. Can you think of a scarier game?



Who ya gonna call? That was the tagline to the famous 80s movie and the soundtrack too! Every time the game starts up you hear it called out as the theme tune begins to play. This is just one of the many little nods to the movie that are included in the Ghostbusters slot which provides a fantastic slice of nostalgia.


Monopoly Big Money Reel

The first thing you notice about Monopoly Big Money Reel is the smooth jazz soundtrack. Once you have taken it in you will realize that every symbol on the slot is related to the famous board game in some way. It even includes utility company payouts, just like in the original Monopoly game. It is a video slot that includes great nods to its roots while also providing a great slot experience.


Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches takes you on a journey to Ireland, where magical creatures and leprechauns offer the chance to win piles of gold. It has exciting features, wonderful animations and a soothing music.



Starburst is one of the most popular slots today. With diamond shaped symbols and wild colors it will grab your attention from the first moment you start to play. A star shaped diamond is a wild symbol, which means that it can replace all other symbols in winning combinations. This slot has 2 different bonus rounds, which include free spins and re-spins features.


Crazy Money

Crazy Money is not just crazy by name. It offers a huge number of features as well as four progressive jackpots! This means that each jackpot in this slot keeps getting bigger and bigger until some lucky player wins it all. Crazy indeed.




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