Somebody Must Be Cloning Those Celebs… (15 pics)

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Angelina Jolie and Melissa Baizen

This girl gets stopped on the street as people mistake her for Angelina Jolie. She is Melissa Baizen, a mother of 2 from Wisconsin who calls herself a completely different personality from Angelina. She attended the Bristol Renaissance Faire as Disney’s Maleficent, which she recalls fondly as she was approached by a huge crowd thinking she was Angelina.


Laura Dern and Maria Wojciechowski

Maria mimicked Laura on several occasions and quite successfully. She even got herself clicked posing as famous characters of Laura and was given equal attention on social media — if not even more than Laura.


Selena Gomez and Sofia Solares

An ordinary girl living in Mexico, Sofia Solares, realized as she grew up that she looked a lot like the famous star, Selena Gomez. Having tasted popularity for being the doppelgänger of a famous star, Sofia went ahead and tried various hairstyles and colors that looked just like Selena. Sofia is a big fan of Selena’s and looks forward to meeting her someday.


Ryan Gosling and Johannes Laschet

Johannes is a law student and a menswear blogger. When he was first discovered as the doppelgänger of Ryan Gosling, Johannes felt that life was “a little exhausting and sometimes it’s just too much” in response to what it’s like to look like the famous celebrity. Johannes believes that not only his looks but also his interests match with Gosling’s.


Ed Sheeran and Ty Jones

It was on the bonkers ITV show that Ty Jones attracted the attention of audiences for his striking resemblance to Ed Shereen. He works as a bingo caller and a park ranger. But whenever in a crowd, he is always mistaken for the “Shape of You” singer. They both have met and Ty is a big fan of Ed Shereen’s.


Ariana Grande and Jacky Vasquez

When Jacky Vasquez first realized that she had looks similar to Ariana Grande’s, she was fascinated. She started experimenting with her looks as to match the singer’s eyeliner style and poses. What makes her the absolute doppelgänger of Ariana is the identical dimple on her left cheek.


Kate Middleton and Heidi Agan

Being a look-alike of a royal can be a blessing or a curse at the same time. Heidi Agan, once a waitress, gained instant popularity when Kate Middleton was announced to become the Duchess of Cambridge. At that time, Heidi took advantage of the moment and sent her headshots to a talent agency and was instantly contacted. She says her resemblance to Kate has its own drawbacks like when she has to face trolls or mean comments on the internet.


Kim Kardashian West and Kamilla Osman

So far, Kim Kardashian West has found 5-6 doppelgängers, however, we’re referring to Kamilla Osman this time. She has almost 688k followers on Instagram but claims she doesn’t want a resemblance to Kim. She blames it on her similar geographical background and says she never made any extra effort to look like Kim.


Emma Watson and Kari Lewis

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you might want to credit Kari Lewis’ look to some potion she must’ve taken! Her resemblance to Emma Watson is so flawless that she has been called Hermoine Granger more than her real name. Interestingly, she was not even a Harry Potter fan initially and was thus extremely surprised whenever people asked her if she was the Hermoine Granger.


Leonardo DiCaprio and Konrad Annerud

A bartender, Konrad Annerud was declared the doppelgänger of the young Leonardo DiCaprio. Hailing from Sweden, Konrad started posing like Leonardo as soon as he realized he looked like the famous actor. People often rush to take pictures with him mistaking him for the Titanic star.


Megan Fox and Cláudia Alende

Thanks to her uncanny resemblance to Megan Fox, Cláudia Alende soon became the preference for bikini and lingerie shoots amongst agencies. The former Miss Bumbum contestant gained immense popularity because of her sheer good looks and resemblance to Megan Fox.


Rihanna and Andele Lara

While scrolling through her pictures, you may want to do a double take. Andele Lara, the founder of the site Grow & Glow, has a magical resemblance to Rihanna especially when she was younger. From blunt bangs to dreadlocks, to her signature red lips, Andele has it all.


Zayn Malik and Flamur Ukshini

All those who worked with Zayn Malik and thought that he was irreplaceable were wrong. His doppelgänger exists and goes by the name, Flamur Ukshini. The professional model says he initially didn’t know about Zayn. It was only after people started sending him DMs and commenting on his pictures that he realized his resemblance to the heartthrob.


Aubrey Plaza and her doppelgänger

This random girl from Reddit claims to have a close resemblance to Aubrey. What do you think?


Emma Stone and her random look-alike

Here’s yet another girl next door whose boyfriend shared her photo alongside Emma Stone’s, asking Reddit users if she looked like the famous actress. They confirmed his views. Do you?



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