Dangerous Christmas Toys From The Past (17 pics + 3 gifs)

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Magnetix: Lego is incredibly successful because kids love to build and create, so naturally, RoseArt execs thought, kids would love building objects out of magnets…until the magnets started coming loose and children began choking!

Mini Hammocks: The idea of a mini-hammock was that it was light and easy to store, so it didn’t come with any spreader bars, meaning the net could twist and turn and trap — or suffocate — a child.

CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit: Want to know who ate the last of the cookies? Who came into your room while you were at school? You could use the CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit to find out…except it contained a powder full of asbestos. Recall!

Swing Wing: This helmet was designed and sold to kids in the 1960s; while the youths loved it, it was quickly recalled because, after all, nothing says “fun” like a cerebral hemorrhage and spinal injuries!

Hoverboards: A family in Louisiana lost their home to the flames after charging their 12-year-old son’s new toy. These vehicles can also explode right under your feet!

Lawn darts: Imagine darts, but they’re huge and being thrown around by kids in your backyard. Yeah. It’s harrowing. Throwing big sharp objects through the air is just no safe way to play.

Click-clacks: The two acrylic balls attached to the strings slap against each other and, well, click-clack. However, they weren’t always made sturdily enough and would sometimes shatter, shooting shrapnel towards the clacker’s eyes.

Rollerblade Barbie: The wheels on Barbie and Ken’s skates work like a lighter’s mechanism, so if they rolled over anything flammable both Barbie and her owner could get seriously burned.

Slip ‘N Slides: It is obvious why Slip ‘N Slides seem fun, but that’s also why they’re pretty dangerous. They’re nice for cooling off and sliding around in the summer, but sending kids flying down wet hills has danger written all over it.

Easy Bake Ovens: Every kid likes toys and every kid likes sweet treats, but it doesn’t seem very safe to let small children handle hot objects by themselves. Since they first came out, these ovens have been made a lot safer, but we still recommend adult supervision.

Creepy Crawlers: The idea was to make molds of insects and bake them to life in the oven, but the result was chemically burned fingers and melted plastic all over the floor.

Trampolines: Yeah, let’s launch kids into the sky. People fall off the sides of these things, land wrong, the springs break, and you can even accidentally (or on purpose) catapult someone off of it.

Aquadots: This creative toy makes different shapes out of colored beads, however, the beads were apparently coated in very strong sedatives; so when Aqua Dots fanatics began losing consciousness, the toy had to be recalled in 2007.

Sky Rangers Radio-Controlled-Airplanes: Sky Rangers tended to explode when they crashed, and kids tend to lack the finger dexterity to control flying objects. These caused over 50 injuries before they were recalled.

Snack Time Cabbage Patch Kids: This beloved children’s toy received an upgrade where you could feed it snacks and it would chomp down whatever you gave it. Sadly, the Kids couldn’t tell carrots from fingers or hair from spaghetti and went off the market.

Sky Dancers: They could only do one thing, but they were pretty popular in the early 2000s. You place the fairy on the base, pull a string, and she twirls into the sky. However, if you held the toy too close to your face, it could cause some serious eye damage.

Toy Crossbows: If there are two words that definitely don’t belong together, it’s “toy” and “crossbow.” Despite their small size, their shots could have quite an impact, and once kids started loading toothpicks into them, the game was over.

Aqua Leisure Baby Inflatables: The leg straps on Aqua Leisure were prone to breaking, leaving the babies to slide out from underneath and putting them all in danger of drowning.

Austin Magic Pistol: This weapon that should have never been given to a child used calcium carbide to launch ping pong balls. But, if any water got into the gun, it would literally explode.

Moon Boots: The problem with these stylish stompers? Well, much like regular platform shoes, one wrong move can twist your ankles or make you kiss asphalt. Just stay on the ground, folks.







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