Being A Man Isn’t All Sunshine And Rainbows (7 pics + 8 gifs)

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“Pressure to make the first move when it comes to women. I don’t mind making the first move, however when I feel the obligation to make the first move at all times, it ended up ruining me somewhat.

After 28 years of constant rejections, it kinda does something to you emotinally. You know intellectually what’s going on and that it’s fine and all that. But the emotional toll of it…fuck…

I’ve got a girlfriend now and it’s all good now. But when we were starting with flirting a bit and such, it took me a loooong time to loosen up. Even if I knew based on context and body language exactly what she wanted, my emotions kept me back. Even if I knew she was interested, I was slow as fuck in the start of it.

Having this constant pressure of making the first move really fucks you over. Women keep saying we shouldn’t feel that way, but it’s probably going to take a generation or two more before the burden is finally lifted.”


“When your penis lays uncomfortably but you’re not somewhere where you could adjust it.”


“Girls all assume that when I do something nice it’s because I want to get in her pants. Seriously, I just like doing nice things for my friends sometimes…”


“When you pee and you’re done shaking and think it’s fine, but as soon as you zip your pants back up a little bit comes out and then it makes a spot on your pants which is very embarrassing.”


“Half the time when I open a door for a woman I can almost feel the judgement. It’s almost as if they think I’m expecting praise for this when in reality I probably open doors for more men than women.

So yeah I’m pretty sure I’m not hitting on anybody by opening a door.”


“People just always assume guys are DTF, all day every day. I recently had a conversation with one of my female roommates in which I explained to her that when I’m texting a girl I’m extremely cautious. I overthink EVERYTHING, never know exactly what to send. Guys get hung up on that stuff too, yet nobody thinks of that. Guys don’t have emotions, they’re supposed to just man up and move on, women are the only ones that get emotional when dealing with the opposite sex.”


“If you’re hot, it’s romantic. If you’re not, it’s creepy.”


“Random Boners. Especially when you get one during Christmas dinner at your in-laws house and then your wife’s aunt comes in late and starts doing the “walk around the table and give everyone a hug thing” and you have to try and tame that beast in under 20 seconds because you’re only 3rd in the rotation so youre expected to stand up and hug this woman unerect.”


“For girls, you have makeup and all that which can, for example, make a 0/10 look like a 3/10.

As a dude, if you’re ugly, you’re fuckin’ ugly and there ain’t shit you can do about it.”


“Being constantly reminded of our “privileges” but not being allowed to comment on the enormous burdens most males have to carry, for fear of being called a sexist or a bigot.”


“Testicles. Getting your balls stuck to each other/your leg, especially on a hot summer day, when you’re in public. Ever see a guy be walking along and take one weird step? Or get out of the car with one leg extended further than the other? That’s ball-stick.”


“Not being a huge sports guy, having to pretend to care about sports.”


“Having to shave your face damn near every day for work.”


“Summer time. I hear women complain about being on their period and how uncomfortable it makes them feel (I’m not talking about the hormonal changes….strictly the physical affects…e.g. bloating, using feminine products, etc) and I get that. Well, hauling around a cock and a set of balls in 98 degree weather with 90+% humidity isn’t very fun either. You’ve heard of swamp ass, right? Well, that shit can turn into the Okefenokee swamp just like that. Having crotch gators chomping at your junk just flat out sucks.”



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