We Need Some Random Facts Every Day (25 pics + 2 gifs)

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The weight of a blue whale’s tongue is similar to the weight of an entire elephant.

If a tooth is removed or falls out with the root intact, you can put it back in place and it will heal itself.

The wealthy of Ancient Rome would eat a meal that’s made of a chicken inside a duck inside a goose inside a pig inside a cow. Chidugoopigow.

There’s enough carbon in the human body to create 9,000 pencils.

If you could drive to the moon, it would take roughly 6 months to get there driving 62 miles per hour non-stop.

The Ring of Fire is an area of the Pacific Ocean where 328 of the 540 active volcanos are located.

It’s also my least favorite Johnny Cash song that plays at every Applebees twice an hour.

The longest time between the birth of twins is 87 days.

Your shoelaces are constantly untying themselves because the pressure on them is actually more than taking a sharp turn on a rollercoaster.

Genghis Khan helped out the environment quite a bit. The 40 million deaths he caused lead farming land to become consumed by trees. Those trees cleaned 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere and lead to a drop in global temperature.

The first use of OMG as an acronym for Oh My God was used in a letter to Winston Churchill in 1917.

His response was, “lmfao, Becky, you’re such a biiiiitch”

An alpaca can die from loneliness.

Children born prematurely are more likely to be left-handed.

Einstein’s eyes were given to his doctor after his death. There’s no evidence of what he did with them, but there’s also no evidence he didn’t make a necklace out of them.

The same biochemical process that happens when you fall in love also happens with people who have OCD.

The KitKat filling is actually rejected KitKats that were crushed up.

The Leopard Frog uses its eyes to help it eat. It pulls its eyes into its skull to push food down their esophagus.

The first web cam was created to watch a coffee pot at Cambridge University, so no one would waste time checking if there was any coffee made.

A leach has 32 brains. And they all want blood.

Shakespeare is credited with adding over 1700 new words to the dictionary.

He also created the name Jessica, and she broke my heart in high school so Shakespeare can go fuck himself.

The scent of fresh cut grass is actually a reaction to the danger of being murdered by our mowers. It’s trying to warn other grass of the impending doom.

Pirate wore patches on their eyes to help them see in the dark. When they would head below ship they would take the patch off and their eye was already adjusted to the darkness.

Deaf people with schizophrenia don’t hear voices, they see hands signing

Saturn would float it we could find a big enough pool to place it in.

This is Hans Island. A few times a year Canada and Denmark will place their flag on it and claim it as theirs back and forth, always leaving a bottle of liquor for the other country.

Most people don’t realize that when you’re not using your tongue, it rests against the top of your mouth, not at the bottom.

9-banded armadillos always have 4 identical babies.

Taste receptors don’t work without saliva, so a dry tongue doesn’t taste anything.







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