“The Office” Cast In The 10-Year Challenge (22 pics)

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Jim Halpert

John Krasinski has been up to way much more than lifting weights, wearing tank tops and growing a beard. Today John is not only an actor but a director as well, as he has directed two movies in the last few years. The most recent was A Quiet Place, a horror drama, which only proves that John Krasinski is growing and is ready to expand and explore new genres and new paths of self-realization.


Dwight Schrute

Rainn Wilson, the unbeetable (because beets) office protector, has been really busy. Alongside taking roles in many projects after the Office (In 2 of them he played a character named Jim, oh the irony), he became an author and wrote a book about his life called The Basoon King. Also, it’s important to mention that he has been involved in philanthropic activities and participates in projects such as Lidè Haiti, an educative initiative to boost education in rural areas of Haiti.


Michael Scott

The legendary actor Steve Carell, to whom we all should be grateful for Michael Scott, has really aimed for the stars ever since. And he succeeded. Not only he has rebranded himself as a drama actor, he even was nominated for an Oscar back in 2014 for his performance in Foxcatcher. Other big projects such as Café Society by Woody Allen, Beautiful Boy and Vice, a movie that has just been nominated for 8 Oscars, also have Steve Carell in the credits.


Kevin Malone

The actor Brian Baumgartner will forever be associated with Kevin, the chili-dropping and M&Ms loving employee of Dunder Mifflin. Yet Brian Baumgartner has continued acting and perfecting his golf skills, his favorite sport.


Izismile Videos

Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton, the man behind the shady weirdo Creed Bratton, is a professional guitar player when he’s off the film set. He has been taking roles for movies ever since, but he never abandoned his guitar. The last album that he released was called “While The Young Punks Dance” and it came out in 2018.


Charles Miner

The Stern-Look-Giving and Soccer-Loving vice president that temporarily replaced Michael Scott in Dunder Mifflin 10 years ago was portrayed by none other than Idris Elba. The same Idris Elba who was chosen to be the sexiest man alive in 2018, had the leading role in the tv series Luther and played Heimdall in the Avengers.


Kelly Kapoor

Mindy Kaling has been really really busy ever since. Apart from starring in movies alongside such names as Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock and Rihanna in Ocean’s 8, Mindy has also written a book and became a big-time social media influencer with almost 4 million followers on her Instagram.


Phyllis Vance

Phyllis Smith is way more than Phyllis Vance, her character. Not only has she starred in such tv series as The OA or Nunsense, but she has become the very voice of a Disney character, Sadness, from the movie Inside Out.



Angela Martin

Angela Kinsey, the actress who portrayed so perfectly the forever-frowning Angela, has been up to a lot since The Office came to its end. Today she’s active on social media, on Instagram she has more than 1 million followers and has even started her own Youtube food channel Baking with Josh and Ange, where together with her husband, they upload their kitchen adventures.


Darryl Philbin

Mr. Robinson, Mr. Robot, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Ghosted, Big Mouth… these are some of the projects that Craig Robinson, the actor who portrayed Darryl, has been up to lately. So one thing’s obvious - the man is busy.


Erin Hannon

The actress Ellie Kemper has been up to many things during the last few years. She became the voice of Katie in The Secret Life Of Pets, a frequent guest on Conan’s show, and Kimmy Schmidt in the tv series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as well as many others.


Pam Beesly

Jenna Fischer has been out of her comfort zone and really started exploring her potential in the acting industry. Working on an action thriller with Clint Eastwood? Yep, she did that in 2018 on The 15:17 to Paris. She’s also an animal lover that promotes an adopting-not-shopping approach to pets on her Instagram, where she has almost 2 million followers.



Andy Bernard

Ed Helms has continued working not only as an actor but as a voice actor as well. If you’re into surreal cartoons about adult topics, it’s really possible that you’ve heard him in the Bojack Horseman, where he’s the voice of Kyle. And if you’re an active movie-goer, be sure to check out Corporate Animals, the newest project starring Ed.


Jan Levinson

Melora Hardin, the woman who portrayed the not-so-predictable Jan Levinson, has climbed some steps in the stairway of becoming a heavyweight actress as she was nominated with a Primetime Emmy award back in 2016 for her performance in TV series Transparent.


Roy Anderson

David Denman, Roy David Denman, the Actor behind the ex-boyfriend of Pam, is today a busy family man, as he recently became a father. In the background, he has been pursuing an acting career ever since. You might have seen him in such TV series as Outcast, or Movies like Power Rangers or 13 Hours, where he starred alongside his old rival, John Krasinski, the man behind Jim.


Toby Flenderson

Paul Lieberstein could never be as tedious as Toby, because he’s way too busy for that. Once an actor, now a producer, Paul has worked with such projects as Ghosted, The Newsroom and Song of Back and Neck.



Stanley Hudson

Leslie David Baker is Still The King, or at least that’s the name of one of the shows that he has starred in after The Office came to an end. Besides being an active actor, he’s become also an online entrepeneur at lesliedbaker.com/, where anyone can order a personalized video message or buy some high-quality photos of his huge smile.


David Wallace

Andy Buckley, the actor behind the chief financial officer of Dunder Mifflin, has been in various roles since his part in The Office came to an end. You might have seen him in such TV series as Odd Mom Out or Shameless. As 2019 is just beginning new projects with him in it are arriving.


Holly Flax

Amy Ryan, the actress behind the love of Michael Scott’s life, has reached the heights of her profession. She starred in such movies as the Academy-Award winning Birdman, The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance or, more recently, Beautiful Boy, alongside none other than Steve Carell.


Meredith Palmer

Kate Flannery, is very different to her character Meredith. Captain Karl's Institute for the Abnormally Bizarre is the name of the movie that’s being filmed at the moment and, just like some of her colleagues, she explored talents in other fields, such as voice acting. OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes and Steven Universe the most famous projects where you can hear the lovely voice of Meredith once again.



Ryan Howard

More attentive viewers of The Office have noticed that the name B. J. Novak appeared twice in the credits of some episodes. That’s because he’s not only an actor but a writer as well. Ever since he has continued walking along both paths, but the most serious project since is The Founder, a 2016 movie about how McDonald’s became a thing, where he starred alongside Michael Keaton.


Oscar Martinez

Oscar Nuñez, the actor is a Primetime Emmy nominee who has been busy acting ever since, but The Crossroads of History, the tv series, is the reason why he received the nomination for his acting performance.


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