Photos That Show Celebrities From The Past In A Different Light (24 pics)

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Claire Danes and Jude Law in “I Love You, I Love You Not (1996)

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Interview :

I: "Are you an outdoorsy, get-up-at-5am-for-a-hike kind of guy? "

LD: ‘I wouldn’t say 5am, but I’m definitely outdoorsy. I love being immersed in nature, going to places in the world that are pristine and untouched by man. It’s almost a religious experience when you go to a place like the Amazon and there’s no civilisation for thousands of miles.’


Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise

“I remember being so nervous and seeing Tom Cruise drive up in a Porsche, I think it was. He got out of the car and walked through and I was like, ‘Ah.’ My jaw dropped. Then I had to go in and audition in front of Tony Scott. Sweet Tony. [Producers] Don Simpson, Jerry Bruckheimer, Robert Towne and Tom. I was like, ‘No way, I’m not going to get this.’ They called that afternoon and I had the job.”- Nicole Kidman talking about Tom Cruise


Beyoncé Interview March 2004:"

"I don't want to get addicted to fame," she says. "Then when I'm no longer famous I won't know what to do, and I'll just seem desperate and lose my mind." She has been training to be famous since age ten, when her father would make her run one mile in the morning while singing, to build up the ability to sing and dance at the same time. The first Destiny's Child album came out when she was sixteen, in 1998, a year before Britney Spears and the teen-pop supernova (she and Spears are the same age); Beyoncé has worked relentlessly since. "You lose touch with who you are," she says. "When you work so much like we did, it's just too much." "


Izismile Videos

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro Facts:

1. Growing up in the Little Italy section of New York City, his nickname was "Bobby Milk" because he was so thin and as pale as milk.

2. Son of painter Virginia Admiral and abstract expressionist Robert De Niro Sr.. Despite being raised Presbyterian, Virginia was an atheist for most of Robert's childhood. Robert Sr. was raised Catholic but was not religious in any way. After De Niro was born, his father Robert Sr. came out as a homosexual and eventually divorced Robert's mother.

3. Although he is sometimes referred to as an Italian-American actor, De Niro is actually one quarter Italian in ancestry. His father was of half Italian and half Irish descent. His mother was of Dutch, English, German, French and Irish ancestry on her own father's side, and of German ancestry on her own mother's side. Robert was quite close to his Italian paternal grandfather, whom he visited frequently in Syracuse, New York when he was young. De Niro has stated that he identifies "more with [his] Italian side". He was inducted into the Italian-American Hall of Fame (2002).

4. He is the second actor to receive an Academy Award for portraying Vito Corleone. He and Marlon Brando are the only two actors to receive an Academy Award for playing the same character.

5. He first discovered his love for acting at age 10 when he portrayed the Cowardly Lion in a local production of "The Wizard of Oz". He dropped out of high school to join a gang.

6. His boyhood idols among actors included Montgomery Clift, Robert Mitchum and Marlon Brando. He preferred the darker, more character-driven work of these men to the older stars of Hollywood, for whom their public persona as a star was more important than their immersion into the character.

7. Limousine drivers in Los Angeles joke about his less than generous tips by referring to him as "No Dinero".

8. Has said that Meryl Streep is his favorite actress to work with.


Milla Jovovich

"I'm not really easy to live with! There needs to be unlimited patience and unconditional love. Men I've known before loved my independent spirit and were proud of my success, to the point that they'd become jealous of the time I devote to my career."- Milla Jovovich


Britney Spears

Britney Spears Facts:

1. Britney first appeared on the screens at the age of ten in 1992 as a contestant on Disney's reality show Star Search, hosted by Ed McMahon. She won the first round but was eliminated after performing 'Love Can Build A Bridge'. Other stars that also appeared on Star Search early on in their careers include Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Aaliyah.

2. At the age of 21 Britney became the youngest person at the time to receive a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Acting twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have since superseded Britney when they were awarded a joint star in 2004 when they were 17.


Fast and Furious cast

Fast and Furious cast on Paul Walker

1. “I could see Paul once every two years and just know there was another human on the planet who’s deep like me, who loves like that. When that disappears, you wonder, ‘Wait a minute, what do I hold on to?’ There was nothing to tether me to this existence: ‘Why am I f—ing here? And, like, why’d you leave without me?’ ” - Michelle Rodriguez

2. “The day after the tragedy, for me to fly from Atlanta that night and to show up at his mother’s house and for me to say to his mother, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’ and for his mother to say to me ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ — I said, ‘Why? Why are you saying sorry to me?’ And she said, ‘Because you lost your other half…She was telling me something I wasn’t even aware of. I wasn’t aware of how profound the loss was. You don’t think about it while you’re living, and we’re probably all a little guilty of not telling people how much we love them while they’re here. “ - Vin Diesel

3. “I so badly wanted to say I can’t express what he meant to me or what the impact of him being gone has had on my life in one quote, because I loved Paul so much, What Paul had was the gift of being really present to everyone around him. It’s something i’ve worked really hard on. I think all of us try so hard, and it’s difficult to have that innately. It’s one of the best qualities you can have in a friend. He didn’t want the drama. He didn’t get wrapped up in the stuff that so many people in the industry do. So I was just blessed to know him at all. “ - Jordana Brewster



Mila Kunis

"My parents went through hell and back. They came to America with suitcases and a family of seven and $250, and that’s it. My parents, for years, worked full-time and went to college full-time. They would go to night school to learn English. My mom started working at Thrifty in Culver City as a box lady. That’s what she did until she learned English; then she became a cashier. My dad worked—f--k if I know—seven jobs? He painted a house. He would deliver toilets. He drove a cab, delivered pizzas. Whatever he could do, he did. Ultimately, my dad owned cabs, and my mom worked her way up to manager of a Rite-Aid; they bought a car and a condo. But growing up poor, I never missed out on anything. My parents did a beautiful job of not making me feel like I was lesser than any other kids." - Mila Kunis


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp 1991 Interview:

I: “what would you do if your career falls through

JD: “I’ve thought about that. I could become John Waters’s gardener. Or I could play Las Vegas lounges. Yeah, really! I love Vegas—the clothes they wear there. Oversize dark glasses indoors! Polyester leisure suits! White patent-leather loafers with gold chains! I could, like, open for Wayne Newton.”


Gwen Stefani getting autograph from Sting, 1983

Freddie Mercury and his cats!


Megan Fox & Shia LaBeouf


Shakira Facts:

1. Is the youngest of eight siblings

2. When she was two years old, her oldest half-brother died in an accident while he was riding a motorcycle and a drunk man hit him with his car

3. Her oldest half-sister, Lucy, is a surgeon; Alberto, her half-brother, is a lawyer; Moisés is the third child; Tonino is the fourth child and the closest to Shakira, having worked many years as her road manager. Then is Patricia, who lives in Spain and is a special education teacher; finally, there are Antonio and Edward, the youngest, who lives in Miami

4. Attended La Ensenanza School in Barranquilla. While there, she was diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed Ritalin.

5. Her Lebanese grandmother taught her the art of Arabian belly dancing so she can stay true to her Middle Eastern roots.

6. Fluent in English and Portuguese, in addition to her native Spanish. She also speaks some Italian and French. Portuguese was the first language she learned after Spanish.

7. Is a huge fan of Bollywood movies and music from India. She got in touch with Farah Khan, the most famous choreographer in India, and asked her if she could choreograph a dance for her performance at the 2006 MTV Video Awards. That night, Shakira's performance was the most memorable one as she sang and danced to "Hips Don't Lie" in traditional Indian clothing


Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks Facts:

1. After his parents Amos and Janet divorced in 1960, siblings Tom, Larry and Sarah went to live with their father, staying in 10 different homes in 5 years, while younger brother Jim remained with their mother.

2. Though known for his on-screen charisma and versatility, Tom admits he was a "horribly, painfully, terribly shy" kid.

4. His daughter Elizabeth Hanks appears in the movie, Forrest Gump (1994), as the girl on the school bus who refuses to let young Forrest Gump (Michael Conner Humphreys) sit next to her.

5. Sold popcorn and peanuts as a teenager at the Oakland Coliseum.

6. Married his first wife Samantha Lewes (real name: Susan Dillingham) two months after their son Colin's birth.

8. He is a third cousin, four times removed, of former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. Their common ancestors were John Hanks (1680 - 1740) and his wife, Catherine, who were the great-great-grandparents of Lincoln, and the six times great-grandparents of Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is also a seventh cousin, once removed, of actor George Clooney (Catherine and John Hanks were the seven times great-grandparents of Clooney).

9. Lost 30 pounds for his role as Andrew Beckett in Philadelphia (1993).

10. Became a father for the first time at age 21 when his girlfriend [now ex-wife] Samantha Lewes gave birth to their son Colin Hanks on November 24, 1977.

11. His first wife Samantha Lewes died of cancer 14 years after their divorce.

12. On his father's side, Tom is of English, and some German, ancestry. Two of his paternal great-grandparents were English immigrants. Tom's maternal grandparents were both of Portuguese descent (from the Azores Islands). Tom's maternal great-grandfather had changed his surname from "Fraga" to "Frager".

13. Has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes on October 7, 2013.


Angelina Jolie


Jared Leto

(Jared Leto interview 1996):

 1. "I know you’ve lived in a lot of places. Which was your favorite? What is your favorite article of clothing? What is your favorite band?" = JARED LETO: "Haiti. My latex jumpsuit. Marilyn Manson."

2. "Do you have any idea of how large your following of gay fans is?" = JARED LETO: "I have no idea, but I guess the bigger the better."

3. "You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen! Do you wear contacts to make them that blue?" = JARED LETO: "Thanks very much. No, I don’t wear contacts, and contrary to what some people have said, I do not have a glass eye."

4. "If you had another career to choose, what would it be and why?" =JARED LETO: "Most likely a painter. A visual artist, like a painter or sculptor, is responsible for himself and for his own vision. I like the personal experience of it."


Uma Thurman, German Vogue, by Sheila Metzner, 1992

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey facts:

1.The future actor was forced to quit school at 15 to help support the family and took a job as a janitor.

2. Carrey has said that if his career in show business didn't pan out, he'd probably be working today at the Dofasco steel mill in Ontario.

3. Even at a young age, the future star would perform constantly. In school, his teacher struck a deal with Carrey: if he could sit quietly during class, he could get a few minutes at the end of class to perform for his classmates.

4. When he was just 10 years old, Carrey mailed his resumé to "The Carol Burnett Show" with hopes of landing a job on the program.

5. His father helped Carrey develop his stage act and would drive him to Toronto to perform stand-up. The comedian made his debut at the comedy club Yuk Yuk's.

6. In 1979, Carrey moved to Hollywood and regularly performed at The Comedy Store to hone his impersonation skills and polish his act.

7. Carrey was soon noticed by legendary comedian Rodney Dangerfield ("Caddyshack"), who eventually signed the younger comic to open his tour performances.


Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere

Cindy Crawford talking about Richard Gere: "I think a lot of what happened with Richard and I was that I was still 22 and at 22 - as a young woman - I was kind of still figuring out who I was and what I wanted to be and he was already 37. So in some ways, he knew that I was still growing and changing. I just didn't want to hear it from him because at 22 you think you know everything. You think you're already formed. And then you realise, 10 years later, that they were totally right.".



Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt interview (1999):

“…Recently, Pitt says, he's been having comedy dreams. Sometimes he laughs in his sleep. Pitt tells me that he is happy. And then, almost as soon as he has told me this, he begins to worry about it. (It doesn't take much to get him worried.) His imagination begins rolling away with itself, scaring him as it goes. "I just saw a dreadful title," he says. "'Brad Pitt Talks About His Happiness.' Listen, man, it's all up and down. It's all up and down." I nod vaguely, wondering why he's saying this, but then he says something strange and interesting. "You're talking to a guy," Pitt begins, "who's always had this kind of congenital sadness. I don't know where it came from. I don't know what it is - the state of the world, the state of yourself. I don't know. I had a very easy childhood, deprived of nothing per se, so you know..." - and, not knowing, I wait, and he shrugs - "... I mean, turn on the news, man."

I: “So you're less sad now? “

Pitt: “I’ve got reins on it. Awww, man, listen. I see it in so many people. I just always had so many questions growing up: why this, why the state of the world, why does God want this? Congenital sadness. It always came up, for no reason. I don't know what it is. “

I: “And you've had the same as an adult? “

Pitt: “I always had periods. I always had times. “

I: “Obviously people who read about you from a distance... “

Pitt: “[Nods] "You've got it made." Listen, I also live the life of a rock star. “

I: “The only bad thing they think they know is that you might have had a couple of love affairs which didn't work out. “

Pitt: “I know. [Exasperated] Christ. I wish they'd leave it alone. Everybody's got 'em. “

I: “But they can't think of anything else bad that's happened to you. “

Pitt: “Yeah. It's a mystery to me, too. It's an enigma. “


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Interview 2001:

I:"What was your first concert? "

JA: "It was ... What's her name? Oh, my God. Not Patti Smith. "The Warrior." "

I:"Oh — Patty Smyth? "

JA:"But what was her band? "

I:"Scandal "

JA:"Scandal! [Pause] Unfortunately. [Pause] I didn't want to admit that. I didn't go to concerts much. I get freaked out in crowds. I caught the drumstick at that one. But, yeah, I have this weird thing about crowds, waiting on line. I have this thing where I think I'm going to get murdered or something. I start getting almost anxiety attacks. "

I:"So no mosh pit? "

JA:"No! I'm a wimp. "

I:"Did you go through a rebellious period? "

JA:"My version of a rebellious period, yeah. "


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Interview 90’s:

I: “And how do you feel now when the network asks you to do antidrug things or "Don't Drop Out" promos? “

DEPP: “Well, recently they wanted me to do a public-service announcment that said, "Hi, I'm Johnny Depp, and listen: stay in school and graduate because it means the world to me and to you," and all this stuff. And I thought, Well I've been working for these people for four years. Don't they know I'm a dropout? How can I tell people to stay in school? “

I: “And they still wanted you? “

DEPP: “No, then they said, "Oh, yes, we forgot." “


Cameron Diaz 90s









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