A Brief Guide To Accommodation On Safari In Africa (2 pics)

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If you’re planning a safari trip to Africa, either with friends, partners or your family, there’s a number of things that you’ll need to consider before booking your holiday.


One of the most important things to consider is the type of accommodation that you intend to stay in, as there’s an incredible range of choice on offer in the existing market. For example, if you want the best family safari holiday then this may dictate your accommodation decision because you will no doubt want suitable lodges and camps that are family-friendly and can keep the kids entertained, like those advertised by safari experts Africa Odyssey,


You must also make a selection based on your budget and the type of experience that you’re hoping to enjoy, as couples are likely to look for a different type of accommodation to those solo nomads.


In this article, we’ll offer a brief guide to accommodation on safari in Africa, and ask which options best suits your needs.


The Fundamentals – What Comfort Levels of Accommodation are Available?


Let’s start with the basics; as there are three main types of accommodation on offer when you head on safari.


We’ve broken these down below, with a brief description explaining what you can expect when you travel.


- Rustic: This type of safari accommodation is ideally suited to those on a budget, as it adopts a no-frills approach that enables travellers to minimise the amount that they spend on booking their trip. The very embodiment of no-frills accommodation in remote areas, it typically includes options like large tents and pole huts and only the very basic amenities.


- Comfortable: Comfortable accommodation bridges the gap between budget and luxury options, both in terms of price and the range of amenities on offer. It’s typically kitted out with comfortable fixtures and fittings, while the facilities include running hot and cold water and flushing toilets.


- Luxury: If you’ve ever checked out the luxury safari accommodation online (or even been fortunate enough to stay at a resort), you’ll know that this offers some incredible amenities and extremely opulent surroundings. This style can be compared favourably with four and five-star hotels, although it also comes with a hefty price premium!



Where Can you Stay while on Safari in Africa?


These levels of comfort manifest themselves in a number of different accommodation types, with city hotels and guesthouses among the most popular.


These buildings are typically located near main cities and airports, while they’re often used for overnight stays or during transfers to your final safari lodge.


Once you’ve arrived at your safari location, you may find yourself staying in a game lodge. This type of accommodation can bridge both comfortable and luxury styles, from two or three-star standard options to lavish, five-star alternatives.


We spoke earlier about those who are travelling on a budget, with large tents providing a cost-effective option for individuals in this instance.


Bush and fly-in camps also serve as cheap accommodation options in remote locations, although these small outlets are typically inaccessible during the rainy season.


However, if you intend to visit Africa during the popular dry season (which just so happens to be the best time to see the iconic Great Wildebeest Migration) and are motivated by the idea of saving money, this represents an excellent option that can help you to realise you rsafari dreams! 







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