911 Operators Have To Be Ready To Hear Some Weird Stories (15 pics)

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A woman called 911 because she saw a gentleman driving with his foot out the window. She continued to follow him in her car until he stopped. The dispatcher tried to explain to the woman that it is not illegal to drive with your foot out the window. She hung up and tried calling 911 again. She was warned if she kept calling, she would get a ticket for abusing emergency communications.

A woman called 911 because her local Burger King was not making her Western Burger correctly. The dispatcher tried to explain to the lady that there was nothing criminal going on and suggested she calmly speak to the manager.

A woman called 911 when she noticed a seal in the water was struggling a bit. She asked the dispatcher if someone could come and help it. The dispatcher then responded, “With all due respect, a seal is an aquatic mammal, if it cannot survive in the ocean, then I’m afraid that’s a concept called natural selection.”

A Women called 911 during a small hurricane in Florida. She began to tell the dispatcher that her AC was out. The dispatcher tried to explain that it may be because of the hurricane. The women responded in a panicked voice that she could not open her windows and was running out of air then she hung up.

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A young man called 911 because he was too high off of weed. He was frightened that he couldn’t feel anything. When police officers got to the scene, they found the 22-year-old curled in the fetal position surrounded by Chips Ahoy, Gold Fish crackers, and Doritos.

An elderly lady called 911 because she was unable to open up the bottles of beer she bought to help her fall asleep. She then asked the dispatcher if they could send a man over to meet her downstairs to open up the bottle. The dispatcher actually agreed to send help and informed the lady that there would be someone over shortly to help her.

Lorna Dudash called 911 because she was interested in seeing a police officer that recently left her house again. She admitted that she didn’t have an emergency but thought the officer was cute and didn’t know any other way of getting a hold of him.

A gentleman called Jacksonville 911 when he didn’t get what he paid for at Subway. He went on to tell the dispatcher that he ordered two sandwiches asking for everything on both but grew upset when he did not get mustard and mayo on both of his sandwiches.


A 53-year-old woman was arrested when she called 911 because her husband was not eating his dinner. The police station then reported that it wasn’t her first time calling 911 for a non-emergency. The time before that she’d called because she couldn’t find her clothes and another time because her dogs got loose.

Mr. Kimbell called 911 to inform them that he wasn’t getting served by the Taco Bell employees because you can’t walk up to the drive-thru; you have to drive. Kimbell then told the dispatcher that he had the munchies and asked if they were going to help him out, or if he was going to have to get arrested to get home.

A woman called 911 because she said there was an intruder taking a shower in her bathroom. Little did she know that that very intruder was calling 911 at the same exact time. The intruder informed the dispatcher that he just broke into a house and the owner came home, but he didn’t know where he was.

A hungry gentleman realized he was missing one of the seven burgers he ordered when he got to his vehicle. He went back inside the restaurant to try and get his burger, but things didn’t turn out the way he wanted, so he decided to call 911.


Robert, aged 21, called 911 to inquire about how much trouble he would get in for growing his Marijuana plant. The dispatcher said it depended on how big the plant was. He responded with, “It’s only a seedling.”

A woman called 911 because her Chinese Food was not up to her standards. She then went on to say that she tried calling to get her money back, but the restaurant declined to do so. The dispatcher asked why she decided to call the life-threatening emergency line, and the woman responded, “What else was I supposed to do, jump over the thing and beat them up?”

A woman called 911 to tell them that there were alligators in the river. After the dispatcher informed her that it’s typical for Florida, the woman said she was worried because she lets her kids play and swim in that river. The dispatcher then asked why she would let her kids play and swim in alligator infested waters.


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