Some Movies Used Everyday Objects As Props And Hoped No One Would Notice (32 pics)

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Qui Gon’s communicator in The Phantom Menace was a women’s razor.

In Avengers, (2012) a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent uses a camera tripod as a weapon.

In V for Vendetta, the jamming device is a book light

The guns in Terra Nova (TV 2012) are spray-painted Nerf guns.

Stasis pod in the Expanse is a car roof box

Stasis pod in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is also a car roof box

The bridge of the Enterprise from the new Star Trek movies has barcode scanners on it

In the Phantom Menace a plastic Scoop Ball scoop is used for decoration.

William Shatner brandishes a camera tripod like a scifi gun on his 1977 album cover

Babylon 5’s Narn fighter headrests? Abdominal exercisers.

The reverse of a Shure 55 microphone served as a medical droid’s mouthpiece in Star Wars.

The parasites hosed off the ship in The Fifth Element are painted bumble balls.

Dyson Airblades in Star Trek us as an I.D. scanner.

Audio interface used as torture equipment in Venom.

In Doctor Who, Season 8, Episode 5, they use a USB cable as a projector

Possibly the weakest attempt (but one we’re thankful for because it’s adorable)… when Star Trek made an “exotic animal” by putting a cone on a dog

The Banthas in Star Wars were elephants the whole time.

In Star Trek, a potato peeler was used as a scanner.

Battlestar Galactica air tanks are boat fenders/dock bumpers

Jedi “Food Capsules” are painted pen caps.

Amazon bike lights on Mars

High-tech stealth boat in “The Tick” is made partially of foam rollers

The grappling hook from the new kim possible movie is just a hot wheels radar gun that I had as a kid

A LEGO train speed regulator was part of a high tech control panel in Virtuosity.

This alien transorter in Legends of Tomorrow is just a a Cyborg R.A.T. gaming mouse

In The Fifth Element (1997), the Mangalorian bomb’s remote trigger is just a combo lock with a red LED.

And a Plantronics wireless headset with a little coloured glass added made Scotty’s eyepiece.

Here’s a shoe polisher turned PKE meter in the original Ghostbusters.

This Total Recall wearable computer was just a tape recorder strapped to a wrist.

In a series of unfortunate events season 3 episode 3 esmee’s octopus outfit is covered in finger condoms (yes, condoms for fingering are a real thing).

During the evacuation of Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back, a resident flees with an ice cream maker (it was supposed to be a device carrying Rebel contacts). The extra was given a name, Willrow Hood, and became a fan favorite. Now he’s a go-to for cosplays.

They even made a Willrow Hood action figure, ice cream ma — ahem — “space device” included.



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