Things Men Are Doing Wrong, According To Their Wives (19 pics)

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“Apparently having a clean clothes pile and dirty clothes pile is unacceptable.”


“It’s wrong to tie your shoes once loosely and then treat them like slip-ons the rest of their life.”


“Had a longterm GF who was MORTIFIED by the fact that I used to sit at the foot of the bed wearing my “outside pants”. I.E. jeans or chinos I wore to the office.”


“Well, after 18 years we’ve reached stalemate in the proper way to dispense toothpaste from it’s tube.”


“I have to admit that the wife’s way of folding sheets and towels is better than how I had done it previously, so I adopted her way.”


“Everything. Now divorced for that reason.”


“Always conditioned, then washed my hair, because the shampoo smelt better than the conditioner… took a shower with my wife early in our relationship, and she was like, “You’re kidding, right?””


“Apparently I fold tshirts entirely wrong, and my wife will go back into my drawer after I’ve folded them and put them away and pull them back out and refold them.”


“Apparently the way I make lasagna is an abomination. Guess it could be worse.”


“I didn’t give out enough compliments or showed my appreciation for things very much. I have worked and changed that. My life now is happier and more filled with love and thankfulness.”


“First it was that I was a cuddler. She’d push me away and be suuuuuuper mean cussing at me and what not. Then I stopped, and now not cuddling is wrong. Because now I supposedly don’t love her.”


“I’m gonna answer for my partner because this literally happened today.

He pukes wrong. Everytime he’s ever puked in my presence, he’s puked on himself. I don’t fucking get it, man. Everytime I think I’m sick or going to be sick I go to the bathroom before I know I’m sick. This motherfucker just gambles on it.”


“Apparently, throw away garbage. My wife/ her family do this thing where after they use eggs they put the shells into the vacated spaces in the egg carton. Apparently I’m the weird one for throwing them away right away.”


“Apparently there is a proper way to put on a new roll of toilet paper…”


“Well according to my ex-wife the fact that I wanted to have sex with her was wrong. So, I stopped wanting and left her. Apparently, that was also wrong.”


“Dishes. First there is the scrubby sponge with soap and then the soft sponge with no soap. Who knew?”


“Generally, I don’t tell anyone a damned thing about what’s going on with me if they don’t ask first. That’s my own problem when I don’t live with someone, but when I do, I can’t retreat to my house and stay bunkered in when I’m feeling off because she’s already there.”


“It never occurred to me to turn on the shower and let it warm up before getting in. I would always dread the cold water for the first few seconds of my shower. Changed my life.”


“Using a poop knife.”



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