Early-’90s Teenage Girls Will Know (44 pics)

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That Sassy was the greatest magazine ever! And also the best magazine to create collages or decorate your room with.

How The Real World was so revolutionary and must-see TV.

How these albums were on constant replay on your boombox:

That you can't see a jar of Noxzema without thinking about "the Noxzema girl."

How it was all about L.A. Looks or Dep when it came to hair products.

Owing a Caboodles or two to carefully store all of your products.

How you always picked up one of these scents any time you were at the drugstore.

How badly you wanted to look inside Madonna's Sex book, just to see what all the fuss was about.

How Tabitha Soren did really inform you about what was going on in the world.

How you immediately wanted to buy the album after watching a new episode of MTV Unplugged.

That there was no better scent than California Breeze Teen Spirit.

How totally addicting Melrose Place was...

How it was f#cking torture to wear those bodysuits with the horrible snaps on the crotch.

How you thought you looked SO COOL rocking Crayola green pants.

How you had lots of crushed velvet clothing for your fancy "going out" outfits.

How you thought Guess was designer jeans.

How you carefully cut out the Guess ads with Drew Barrymore so you could hang them in your room.

Just how invested you were in Whitley and Dwayne's relationship on A Different World.

How the first thing you had to read in every issue of YM was the embarrassing stories.

Owning an outfit or three with a sunflower pattern on it.

How you had to have a choker for EVERY occasion.

Keeping all your pencils, pens, and erasers in a Hello Kitty box.

How you knew Sun-In wouldn't work on your hair, but you tried in vain anyhow to get ~golden highlights~.

How you knew you REALLY liked a song if you bought the cassette single instead of trying to record it off the radio.

That there was no funnier sketch comedy show than In Living Color.

How you thought adulthood would be like Reality Bites.

That the tinier the backpack the better.

How SnackWells was the ~healthy~ snack alternative.

How you thought baggy jeans + flannel = the best look in the history of the world.

How every girl owned this exact belt:

How Dr. Martens (especially the Mary Janes) go with any outfit.

How this is the first image that pops into your head when somebody says "supermodels":

How it seemed like everyone's mom owned a Thighmaster.

That Crystal Pepsi was off the shelfs before you could even try it. Like did it even really exist?

Thinking Beavis and Butt-Head was the coolest cartoon ever.

How you needed a Simpsons T-shirt 'cause they were badass.

That a peace necklace was always a good way to accessorize your look.

How you can't think about Levis without thinking of its "Button Your Fly" campaign.

That Mentos had the best jingle of the '90s.

Thinking that Wild Pair was the coolest shoe store EVER.

Thinking you were cool wearing giant baggy overalls.

How badly you wanted a pair of rollerblades, but then being too scared to actually use them once you got them.

How you had to treat your Discman with EXTRA care 'cause that thing was $$$.

And finally, how having your own landline in your room was GOALS.

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