A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos (54 pics)

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An old leather J.W. bottle.

Keyboard waffles, anyone?

This mug holder is there in case you have your hands full when trying to get into the office.

A frozen snow globe.

The Queen on a Guinness.

This penny shows us the cohesion properties of water.

This mixing spoon is shaped like a wifi symbol and has the password to the cafe’s wifi on the back.

Russian nesting dolls…fortune teller edition.

There’s a shuffle button on this elevator.

Her eyes match the wall.

This Peanut Butter Cup came with a ton of extra layers.

This building looks razor thin.

A chain made out of a block of wood.

The sunset looks like paintings hung on a wall.

A portrait made out of laundry.

These fancy key holes.

Yoda shadow.

This clock is made out of an old hard drive.

A woman in a window reading “A Woman in the Window.”

“The Marriott in St. Kitts uses a coconut as a weather station.”

This is what a supermarket looks like just before the grand opening where nothing has been touched.

An old newspaper trapped in the sidewalk.

A mouthwash dispenser.

These graffiti artists did the kindness of not covering up warnings and technical information on the train car.

The shadows make it look like this SUV is marbled.

The sediment from this chemical reaction looks like a marshy forest.
The Amorphopallus Titanium is one of the largest flowers in the world. It blooms once every 40 years for 4 days!
This Malagasy Grasshopper is a rare color.
A native group of people called Melanesians who live on the Solomon Islands, northeast of Australia, are famous for their beautiful dark skin and naturally blonde hair.
“Palm print of an 8-year-old in a nutrient medium after the 8-year-old had played outside”
Syncephalastrum fungi look like flowers under a microscope.
Flowers growing on the space station
“Just a contortionist sitting on his head...”
Here’s a hedgehog’s skeleton, in case you’ve never seen one before.
Astronauts are trying to find out how much oxygen their lungs can move.
Incredibly rare baby albino sea turtle
As it turns out, it is possible to draw with bacteria.
A regular ant like we’ve never one seen before
Mexican Ajolote meets How To Train Your Dragon
The incisors of beavers are orange because they contain iron. That iron makes their teeth stronger and better able to cut through wood.
This sea slug, which looks like a leaf, can go without eating for 9 months because it can photosynthesize just like a plant while basking in the sun!
The worlds tiniest and most poisonous dart frog is about 10mm large and is 100x more powerful than morphine.
Known as the wrap-around spider, this spider can flatten and wrap its body around tree limbs as camouflage.
Cynarina coral goes by a simpler name — “cat’s eye coral”
A 54-million-year-old gecko trapped in amber
This is what a tiger’s skin looks like when it’s shaved.

Transparent debit card

This old laptop has a strange mouse.

One pot, two lives.

Cat in strange contraption

This highlighter I got from a college fair at my school a few days ago
Today I bought a directional combination padlock
New player and unusual records

Doctors lovingly made a 3D print of an ultrasound for a blind expecting mama.

Credits:  brightside.me


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