Dogs Are Cute No Matter How Old They Are (32 pics)

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This is Stella at 2 months old (left) and 2 years old (right). Her eyes may have changed colors, but her ability to strike a pose certainly hasn’t.

Ghost at 9 weeks old vs. 2 years old!

This is Mister Peanutbutter. In the first pic, he’s about 4 or 5 weeks old. Here he is now at 10 months!

This is Penny Lane! The first photo was taken when Penny was 3 months old in 2013. Penny just turned 6 last week!

3 months and 18 pounds to 1 year and 80 pounds!

Lupita: 2 weeks vs. 10 months. From adorable to gorgeous, if you ask me!

7 weeks vs 3 years. Still as handsome as ever!

Look at my handsome boy, Barley. When we first picked him up at 9 weeks and now at 11 months. So grown up!

Bubbles at 2 months and then 5 years!

Gerdie. 3 years difference.

From 8 weeks and 10 pounds, to 7 years and 70 pounds.

This is Scotch. The first photo is from 2014 when he was only 2 months old and 6 pounds. The second photo is from 2019 where he’s approaching his 5th birthday and weighing in at 27 pounds. He is the love of my life.

This is Percy! 7 weeks vs. first birthday!

Finn — new year, same ear!

My German Shepherd Rambo! Left at 2 months, right at 1 year! He weighs 80 pounds now, but he’s still my baby!

From 7 pounds to 135 pounds — still the best boy!

This handsome boy is our Lando! He was 8 weeks old on the left and 8 months old on the right. His name is Landshark, but we call him Lando. He enjoys sticks, squeaky tennis balls, the dog park, and butter.

Mochi the English Bulldog at 8 weeks and then 3 years.

Mochi at 2 months and 1 year!

This is Olive on the day I got her (around 8 weeks old.) She’s still sassy with her little legs crossed, just about 50 pounds heavier.

Sadie at 4 months and then 2 years!

This is my baby, Buddy! He was 6 months old in the before pic — he’s now 7 years. He’s crazy and makes us smile every day!

This is Mozzie at 2 months and then 2 years old. He finally grew into his paws!</em

Ollie from a couple months old to just over a year!

Miles-André at 16 weeks and then at 1 year. His attitude is as big as his ears!

This is Gambit at 10 weeks and now at 10 months! He enjoys long walks, tennis balls, and the occasional treat!

This is Murph. Aka Murphyboo, Murphykins etc etc. On the left, he is about 10 weeks and on the right, he is 5 and a half. Also answers to: El Good Boy.


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