Dream Jobs! Sign Up NOW! (14 gifs)

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Oreo taste testers

Back in February the parent company of Oreo and Cadbury, Mondeléz International, hired four taste testers to spend their days sampling Oreos and eating candy. The only job qualification listed was ‘a passion for confectionary and taste buds for detection’.


Water slide tester

Somebody’s gotta do it before a new attraction opens. While these people do test slides for safety issues, they also get to rate things like ‘splash size’ and ‘adrenaline factor’.


Marvel movie binge watcher

In anticipation of ‘Avengers: Endgame’, cabletv.com announced their search to hire someone to watch all 20 Marvel movies in a row for $1,000. The candidate needs to be a Marvel fan with an ‘outgoing social media personality’ to live-tweet the marathon. This amounts to about $25 an hour, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.


Professional sleeper

This is actually a job that exists around the world. Pro sleepers are hired by companies that make any type of sleep product, from mattresses to sleeping aids. There are also some sleep research studies that pay participants a pretty penny to study their habits. In 2013, a NASA study paid people $18,000 if they successfully completed 70 days of bed rest.


VR games tester

VR games and technology need to be tested just like any other video game, except there’s less bug hunting work than traditional game testing. The employees suggest improvements to the VR experience and demonstrate games for people.


Trivia writer

Games like HQ Trivia and bar activities like ‘Geeks Who Drink’ pay writers to craft the perfect questions with the right amount of challenge for players. Basically, you make money coming up with interesting questions that’ll throw people off.


Chocolate egg hunter

Cadbury is holding its white chocolate Creme Egg Hunt across the UK. They’ve placed 872 white chocolate eggs in supermarkets, and anyone who finds one will receive a prize of £10,000. Because the egg hunt is basically chaos, a company named Bark.com is hiring ‘egg hunters’ for £45 an hour to scour stores for the prize-winning eggs.


Princess nanny

One family is looking to pay a part-time nanny $53k a year to stay in character as a Disney princess at all times. The job is to be a strong female role model to 5-year-old twins and teach them important life lessons.


Drinking ambassadors

Ambassadors for alcohol brands visit bars and restaurants to sell products. This means they give out samples and get to drink on the job. There’s a lot more work that goes into it, but drinking for work doesn’t sound too shabby.


Baby ostrich supervisor

Way easier than taking care of a human baby, ostrich supervisors are hired to watch chicks. The reason? To make sure the little guys don’t peck the living shit out of each other. That’s pretty much it.


Furniture tester

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Furniture brands hire people to test their products and rate them on a variety of things like comfort and firmness. One report states that furniture testers make about $51k a year.


Beer taster

Beer tasters are experts on all things relating to the beverage, from the flavor notes to the consistency. They are brought in to assist in establishing a beer for its target market.



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