Cold And Inebriating Beer Facts (24 pics)

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Pabst Brewing Co. is known for it’s cheap Pabst Blue Ribbon (my favorite beer), but in China they sell something a bit classier. PBR 1844 is meant to be sipped from a champagne flute and costs $44 a bottle. One review of the fancy brew states:

Sweet caramel malts in the front of this with maybe a hint of toffee. Light bitter hops are in the middle and fade into a sweet alcohol. The ending once again has that interesting American PBR taste to it with a muted oak presence in the background.


The strongest beer used to be Brewmeister Armageddon with a 65% ABV, but was overtaken by the same brewery in 2013 by Brewmiester Snake Venom with a 67.5% ABV. It apparently keeps it’s hoppy and malty flavor, but I think these people keep getting beer and liquor mixed up.


If you’re into special and unique brews, hopefully, you had your chance to grab one of 12 bottles of Brewdog’s The End of History, a limited-run Belgian blond ale served in the body of a taxidermied squirrel.


Beer is the world’s 3rd most popular drink, right behind water and tea. The world drank roughly 187.37 million kiloliters in 2012.


Kent “Battle” Martin is the one man in government who approves all beer labels. In 2014 alone he approved 29,500 different beer labels. A lawyer who works with him has stated, “He’s the king of beer. His will is law. There’s one dude in government who gets to control a multibillion-dollar industry with almost no supervision”


After a hops shortage in 2008, Samuel Adams Brewery created a program to sell it’s extra hops to small craft brewers. They also have a program that would share high-demand hops with breweries who need them.


Ben Franklin has been misquoted as saying, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”, but the actual quote is:

“Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, there it enters the roots of the vines, to be changed into wine, a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.”


Worst case scenario: a nuke goes off. You’re the last person on Earth and you need to scavenge for food and drink. Don’t worry, tests have been done with drinks placed roughly a quarter of a mile away from an atomic blast, and beer came back as only mildly radioactive and safe to drink (although tasting a little worse).


Ice cold beer is how beer is also advertised to be served, but that’s actually wrong. Anything below 44 degrees Fahrenheit is going to be too cold for your taste buds and making the beer feel blander.


Drinking beer from a bottle is thought to be the best way to enjoy it, but it’s not. A bottle doesn’t let you smell the beer, and a good chunk of what we taste actually comes from the olfactory senes in your nose.


Japanese beer cans have “alcohol” stamped in braille on the can.


The oldest intact beer ever found was from the early 1800s. Five bottles were found and were given to professional taste testers to “study” them (I was busy studying some beers last night). Shockingly, the testers described the beer as “very old”.


Sapporo Space Barely features barely that was on the International Space Station. So you can really drink a space beer like they do in Star Trek (I assume they have space beer, what kind of future would it be without beer in space?)


In certain places in Eastern Europe, you can take a warm beer bath for roughly 25 to 45 Euros ($35-$65). The yeast and vitamins in the drink are great for skin and hair.


Dark beer bottles are better for beer than the clear or green bottles. Light is the enemy of your beer, and so the least amount of light it gets, the better.


People assume that drinking beer will lead to weight-gain versus drinking cocktails and liquor, but that’s not always the case. Mixed drinks like margaritas are some of the highest calorie things you can drink.


Beer can be placed all the way back to 3400 BCE after archeologists found ceramic containers with beer residue.


People assume all dark beers are heavy, but that is because everyone relates dark beer to Guinness, a creamy and filling beer. Dark beers can be just as light as light beers.


Wine is thought to be fancier and more complex than beer, but not always. Beer has 4 main ingredients (malt, yeast, water, hops) but it can also have tons of different ingredients thrown into the mix that couldn’t be added to wine. I’m not saying all beer is fancier than wine, but take a craft beer against a box of Franzia and see what makes you feel classier.


Canned beer doesn’t always mean cheap beer. Nowadays the aluminum cans has a water-based liner inside so the metal doesn’t affect the beer. The cans can also be cooled very quickly.


Scientists have tried to create a beer that doesn’t give you a hangover, the only issue is they don’t 100% understand what exactly causes the hangover. An electrolyte-charged ale was created to help keep you hydrated, but only really worked with low-alcohol content (something that doesn’t really cause a hangover).


“Skunky” isn’t just a weird taste or smell, but a rancid beer. When light interacts with beer it causes a chemical reaction that turns the beer bad.


Frosted mugs seem like the best way to enjoy a beer on a hot day, but the cold mug will actually numb your senses and not allow you to fully taste the beer.


There’s a beer that is made with a special coffee called Black Ivory. It’s special because coffee beans are feed to an elephant, who digests them and poops out the beans. They sift the beans out of the poop and black the Black Ivory coffee with it. And then Sankt Gallen brews that coffee into a beer called Un, Kono Kuro and sold for over $100 per bottle.



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