Top 5 Best Online Slots Of All Time

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The wealth of online slot has never been greater. With more great Gambling sites out there on the market than ever before.


The rise in online gambling has seen a huge amount of online slots developed for a new audience that is loving the fun of spinning the reels. Talented developers are pushing the standards to new levels, too, with graphics always improving and perhaps more importantly, bigger jackpots are popping up too!


But what is the best online slot game to play? What is the best online slot game ever?


Of course, with so many to choose form today, this is very much down to opinion and preference. But even so, we have provided our own top 5 slot games.


In doing so, we have tried to cover all grounds. On our list we have at least one timeless classic, a pioneer of online slots, some great graphics, a truly original theme and a world record breaking jackpot. All of this, in our top 5 slot games of all time.



Rainbow Riches

We are starting off with a well known classic, as BarCrest’s iconic series, Rainbow Riches, is one of the most played selections of online slot games out there.


All using the popular Luck o’ the Irish theme, there are leprechauns and pots of golds to be found in these long running titles, that all started way back when Rainbow Riches was an offline slot game. Found in pubs and bars even today, the game has been adjusted brilliantly for online and that original title still has a retro charm to it.



Zombie Rush

From a super old classic, to a new great. Zombie Rush sums up what the modern slot game is all about - production value and a good narrative.


Whilst zombies may not be everyone’s cup of tea - or mouthful of brains - this game is wonderfully designed with great attention to detail… right down to every last groan from these hungry zombies. Run away from them and make big wins whilst you do so.



The Codfather

In a way, this game is less attractive than the others, as it does not have a long lasting legacy or an amazing set of graphics.


Rather, this game shows you the good sense of humour that online slots can have, with it’s whole concept being a parody of the Hollywood classic Godfather. Italian-American gangsters and swapped out for fishes in a game that cannot fail to make you laugh.




This is a futuristic take on the fruit machine, as Fruitoids uses the age old format for a great slot and puts it into space.


Cyber fruit act as the symbols in a wonderfully designed, flowing slot game that, again, shows how far the humble fruit machine has come. One of the most played games online, Fruitoids is one of the best online slot games ever.



Mega Moolah

This game is on our list for one reason and one reason only… big money!


Boasting the world record for the biggest ever payout on an online slot game, Mega Moolah once dished out over 13 million pounds to a British gambler.




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