When Thrift Shopping Is Actually Successful (50 pics)

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My Best Thrifted Find. I Especially Loved The Previous Owners Little Message, As It’s Now Used As An Art Studio In A Box

Was In A Thrift Store With My Partner When I Saw This Painting

Found This At A Goodwill Today. Too Good

Found This Jar To Put Your Coffee Grounds In. Love It. Bought It. Has A Fake Little Electrical Cord Too

Found Him At A Booth At A Local Peddler's Mall For $15! Had To Get It

Izismile Video Collection

Thought I Saw Massive Vertebrae As I Was Driving Home Today

I Found An Entire Bag Of Babies At A Local Thrift Store

My Daughter (11) Found This Today At Our Local Thrift Store

My Tissue Box On My Wall At Work

This Awesome (Albeit Plastic) Medusa Crown (Headband)! Found In Roanoke, Va!


Pac Man Suit

Best Find Ever, A Certified Authentic Autographed Jesus Picture

Found And Purchased...framed And Hung In Our Restaurant

I Had To Have It

I Bought An Antique (1910ish) Glass Eye At A Vintage Show

On My Way To Work, I Saw This Outside On Someone’s Lawn With A Free Sign On It

I'm Not Sure What's Going On Here, But I Had To Take It Home

Dinner Party Anyone?

My Husbands New Coffee Cup!

Y’all!! Call Off The Search!....i Found Him!! The Placement Of The Eyes Is The Best!!

I Found Thing At Hartville Flea Market For $4. Of Course, He’s Now Mine

Now I Have My Very Own Pair Of.... These

Don’t Let The Wheelchair Distract You From The Perfect Coffee Table For Parents With Toddlers

Found At Ohio Thrift In Columbus, Ohio! Salt-N-Pepa Salt & Pepper Shakers

A Friend Gave This To Me. A Congratulation Letter 1941, From A Dentist To His Patient, On The Birth Of Her Son. Since The Baby Was Born With No Teeth, The Dentist Sent A Set To The New Baby. Teeth Attached At Bottom Of Letter

I’m 240lbs 56 Years Old Dude And I Want These Xs Leggings. My Freak Wants To Shine

And Then I Came Across This...

My Mom Found This On One Of Her Thrift Store Adventures. I Gave It To My Husband For An Emergency

My Thrift Store Had $1 Mystery Boxes For Stuff They Can't Get Rid Of. I Decided To Buy One, And It Ended Up Having 35 Lorax Plushes Inside


Found This Rubber Chicken Pocketbook At A Garage Sale Last Weekend

My New Salt And Pepper Shakers

Best Yard Sale Find Of The Day, And It’s Not Even 7am Yet!

Estate Sale Diary 1967

Oh My,it's Almost Dog To Banana,time To Go To Bed

Saw This In A Secondhand Store In Tn In 2011

Okay So I Found This T-Shirt In Winnipeg, Manitoba At The Vv Boutique

I Need Ideas For What I Can Make For My Firefighter Husband With This Lovely Bit Of Fabric I Found At A Small Town Thrift Store

This Find From Around 3 Years Ago In Franklin, Va. He’s A Pillowcase But I Can’t Deal With That So He’s On My Wall

Stuffed Raccoons Playing Cards. I Regret Not Buying This

I Feel Attacked By This Relatable Dish


Ugliest Doll I've Ever Seen.... I Wanna Scream With Her

Now That’s A New One

I Was Told Not To Bring This Home

Found At Goodwill A While Back. It’s Hanging Up In My Bathroom Now

"The Lonely Life Of A Thrift Store Matador”, Starring: Adam Lambert

Hairy Belly Button Fanny Pack, Ok. My Kids Were Mortified. Can’t Wait To Wear It To Their School

I Like To Buy My Brother Items I Find At The Local Thrift Store

Introducing The Dwight Schrute Swimsuit... Yes I Definitely Brought This Home For $4


Credits:  www.boredpanda.com



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