You Don’t Need More Of These Useless Inventions (40 pics)

Posted in RANDOM       17 Jul 2019       3040       GALLERY VIEW

Matt Benedetto is back with his Unnecessary Inventions. This time he has pinpointed 13 new areas in your lives where no problems existed and where you definitely weren’t looking for any solutions. These inventions solve exactly that.


The Pizza FannyPack™️

Precious pizza, anywhere – anytime!

Strap on our futuristic fanny pack that features two transparent pouches for your favorite slices on the go! The rugged waist strap has a high impact resistant buckle and reflector for a safe Pizza Party on the go.

Incognito Kicks™️

Ah! Feel the ground beneath you where ever you go

Slip on these comfortable loafers and enjoy the sensation of walking barefoot while maintaining the appearance of appropriate attire

The FocusFrames™️

Our telescoping glasses will ensure you are laser focused on any task that might come up in your daily life.

The Digits Comb™️

Whenever you just don’t want to run your hands through your hair, simply use our silicone fingers comb

Breeze through your hair as if you would be doing it with your own hands to get each stand back in it place

Scooter Computer Commuter™️

Grab your electric scooter and get those TPS Reports done before you even get to work

This stand up desk is designed specifically for your electric scooter to ensure you are making the best use of your time


Yup, it’s a Case for your Smartphone Case

Stop scuffing up that spiffy new case but still show it off with pride in our transparent silicone buffer case. It conveniently slides over your current case to keep it minty fresh like the day you bought


This is what heaven looks like – pool snacks floating all around you at all times

Always have your snacks in sight with our inflatable neon flamingo and our triple locked airtight bag that hangs underwater to keep your snacks in reach for your pruned fingers to chow down

Cool-Off Spoon™️

Never wait to chow down on your favorite hot food again

Our USB powered spoon features a high velocity fan to cool any of those hot liquids to the PERFECT temperature

The 12oz Shirt™️

It’s 5 O’clock somewhere! Dress up for work and ready for happy hour all at the same time with our exciting new button down work shirt with built in cup holder

Pop a brew and bring it with you

Txt Bumper™️

Picture this – you are walking and texting, then BAM, you run right into a pole

Slap on our newest shock absorbing bumper to protect your noggin from harmful texting accidents and never break concentration from your digital conversation again

Now that’s the T9Word!!


Now you can perfectly unfold your favorite shirts in a snap!

Simply place the shirt face up and use each of our four smooth bending arms to hook and unfold!

The Unnecessary Membership Card™️

Forged from the center of the earth, this matte black metal card features a mesmerizing pattern and Ui logo cut from diamonds, a photon-laser cut membership insignia, and a hand painted scripture on the back. The Unnecessary Membership Card entitles you to: Absolutely NO Perks, ZERO Membership Benefits, and Unnecessary Space Taken From Your Wallet.

The Kazuul™️

Do you have music running through your veins but need some nicotine in there too?

Introducing our revolutionary Vape & Kazoo combo device.




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