Secondhand Finds Can Be Pretty Surprising, Or Weird (30 pics)

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Picked Up On The Side Of The Road A Few Weeks Ago. It Is A Victorian Era Conversation Setee, For Courting Couples. The Weird Thing Is That It Was On The Side Of The Road With A Bunch Of Junk

Found At The Bins Yesterday By My Husband.... I’m Digging It

I Like To Believe Someone's Grandma Worked Really Hard On This! I Feel So Lucky To Own It!

Got This Free Giant Cup! The Lady Who Gave It To Us Said Her Husband Was A Liquor Distributor And Got It Free. She Just Wanted It Gone

$15 From Salvation Army Store! Printed On Wood, Definitely Before The Movies

Izismile Video Collection

My Kid Cried The Whole Way Home (Didn’t Let That Stop Me)

Handpainted Queen Nesting Dolls!

My Parents Think It's Ugly. I Think It's Glorious

Really Wanted, But Too Small. *sigh*

I Picked Up This Sweater A Few Years Ago And Listed It On Ebay. It Sold For Around $80 And The Buyer Username Was The Goldberg Studios. I Started Recording The TV Show And It Made Its Appearance The Following Se


Does An Aged Portrait Of Your Apparently Immortal Cat Count As A Weird Secondhand Find?

My Favorite Possession. A Reusable Wine "Cork" Bronze Replica Of The Human Heart. The Photo Doesn't Do It Justice. I'm A Nurse, So Maybe This Isn't As Cool To Non Medical Folks

I Found This At The Bins. It

I Found These A Few Years Ago At A Yard Sale In Colorado. They're About 6 Inches Tall

I Found This Cute Little Love Seat At My Favorite Thrift Store Thinking It Would Be The Perfect Size For My Lizard I Bought It And He Actually Loves It

Found These Two For Less Then 5 Dollars Last Year; They're Obviously Hanging In My Living Room

Found Her Yesterday, It's A Shelf & Heavy! Made Of Bakelite. Don't Know Anything About It But She Looks Like A Creepy Version Of Me So Yup.. She's Mine Now

Bought This Kick Ass Oven Mitt From A Garage Sale When I Was A Kid For When I Got A Home Of My Own, At 27 I’m Proud To Say I Finally Get To Use It In A Home Of My Own

Found Old Photo Album In Thrift Store In Kansas. Came Home With Me

Loved This Phone I Found At The Garage Sale Warehouse In Beaverton, Or

Best Find Today

Every Question You Have That Starts With “Wait, Is That....?”, The Answer Is Yes

This Sofa Did Not Come Home With Us, Because We Didn’t Drive Our Freight Train To The Store That Day

I Found A Giant Metal Penny In The Toy Section Of Gw. It Makes Everything Look Tiny!!! Love It!!

Went To An Auction To Grab Some Bar Equipment And Found These

This Is Probably My Most Prized Find. This Is Billie Jean

I Present To You.... Disco Pig! Found This Little Guy Hanging Out In The Library At My Grandmother's Retirement Home. Provided By One Of The Residence

My $4.99 Goodwill Find, Next To My Home Depot Find, In Front Of A Portrait Of Said Find. The Real Kitty's Name Is Nugget And He Was Found At Less Than A Week Old, In A Flowerpot At Home Depot

I Stared At Them For A Minute Or Two, Then Walked Quietly Away

Just... No





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