Do You Regret Your Parking Decisions? (35 pics)

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Between the Lines

Absolute power move right here. Looks like the car was egregiously parked there for so long that a painter was hired to re-paint the lines and decided to just teach this guy a lesson. Or possibly it was a guy who randomly had paint in his car and wanted to prove a point to this awful parker.

DIRECTV spin off

This note is a play on those DIRECTV commercials that started with one bad decision and ended up spiraling out of control. It’s a great reference that really plays out with a bad parking situation. A subtle yet effective attempt to let someone know they need to park better. Pretty funny too.

Surrounded in a Supermarket

First thing to notice in this picture is obviously the awful park job. Next thing to notice is the perfect example of how to park in the bottom of the picture. And then finally, the group retaliation which feels like there’s about to be a huge fight on the playground–and we’re all for it.

Parking Award

Parking in front of an emergency sign is never a good thing, so this person definitely deserves this. Major props to the person acting out the revenge, as it looks like he/she somehow got into the car to put balloons in it and added some ribbons and a “parking award” sign.


Really love the “Clearly, they are better than you are” touch at the end of this. Putting someone on blast in what looks like an office environment is such a great move. Hopefully this isn’t a daily award since that would be absolutely frustrating to have some many awful parkers in the same place.

Izismile Videos

Check Mate

HUGE power move here. To actually go and get a large check made for a “Bad Parker” is so creative and hilarious that you can’t hate it even if you are the bad parker. Notice the big pen as well, and it looks like the girl is the recipient of the check, a.k.a. the bad parker.

Posted on the Internet

If you’re wondering if this picture ever made it to the internet, it did. It looks like this person is blocking a driveway which, of course, is awful. Imagine walking out to your car and seeing this piece of paper. That has to be demoralizing, and hopefully they learn from it.

Potato Clan

This one is definitely out there, but yet it’s still super creative. You got to wonder if this person just had these potatoes sitting in their car and if they made them on the spot. Love the play on words with the “Produce Army”. You better learn your lesson after seeing the Potato Clan.

Chicken or the Egg?

Here we have a chicken and the egg situation. Like, did the white car park horizontally horribly beforehand and the truck came over the top to teach this person a lesson? Or did the red truck park diagonally like a fool and the white car undercut it? We can only speculate.

Trash Parking

A trash parker deserves a trash punishment. Not to mention, it looks like that person has been there a while if the trash is piling up like that. Also, what is on the hood of the car? Are those flowers? A head of lettuce? I honestly have no idea at this point.


Dumpster Fire

Now this is the perfect revenge on a bad park job. Two dumpster trash cans that are still moveable. Nothing too harsh, but just enough that the person has to reflect on their bad decision and possibly be embarrassed when moving the dumpsters. Plus the spray painted “No Parking” gets the message across.

Parking Enforcement

I think this is what they call “karma”. Parking enforcement people aren’t the most popular people on the block. And we get it–you have a job to do. It just sucks that your job is basically being a tattletale and having people pay a fine. Well, this parking enforcement officer got what was coming to him/her.

Shopping Carts

Major points for creativity here. Assembling that many shopping carts in a circle is no easy task. I understand there are parking lines on the ground, but is that person parked on a sidewalk? Looks kind of weird. But the person in charge of the parking revenge needs to win an award.

Princess Parking

Subtle jab at a bad parker here. Imagine coming back to your car and someone labels you a princess. I for one would learn my lesson. Also, what was this person thinking when parking there? Were the diagonal lines not visible? Do you not know you’re not allowed to park there? Figure it out, princess.

Blocking the Driveway

The passive aggressiveness of this note is so perfect. It adds a humorous touch that I’m sure even the driver of the vehicle could appreciate. But seriously, how do you park in front of a walkway? Regardless of your driveway situation, that’s just a selfish move on that driver’s part.


Snow and Ice

This parking prank is a doozy. To start out, it’s in the snow and ice which is already going to make things difficult. And then to wrap the car to a dumpster trash can is so cruel and genius. I mean it’s going to take forever to get that car out and it’s not going to be fun doing it.


I am really hoping this person has a stack of these “Violation” cards in his car ready to go. I love the idea of scaring the driver just enough that he/she thinks they got a ticket and then owning them with the message of this note. “I sign off wishing you an early transmission failure” is perfect.

Fire Hydrant

This one is an all-timer. A person so inconsiderate that they park in front of a fire hydrant–putting in danger a possible situation that could need emergency water. So what do the firefighters do? They just go right through the windows of the car, teaching this person a lesson in the meantime. Genius.

Mother Nature

Nature plays a funny joke on this awful driver, who seems to park not only not in a parking spot but also facing the wrong way. And a stroke of luck that those who parked correctly and considerately didn’t get hit by the trees as they just missed the other cars in the row.

Chain and Lock

Honestly, we can’t tell if this is someone getting back at a bad parker or if the owner of this smart car actually carries a chain and lock, like a bike, and plays a practical joke on people. We’re not sure so we’ll just say make sure you park appropriately even if you have a smart car.



This one might’ve gone a little over the line. We count five axes there. And while this looks like a very inconsiderate park job, we’re not sure it ever wants that much violence to a car. The person also must’ve done something to piss off their person with the axes.


We’re going to guess that the “park in your own spot” means that this person had a bad park job but also took the spot of another co-worker. Undoubtedly it’s probably someone higher up in the company than him/her since that’s who they give parking spots to, so that’s already a bad sign.


It looks like the yellow car on the right parked terribly here, and that was the first move, but then did the silver car just blatantly park on the sidewalk to make a point? We honestly have no clue. People, be sure to think these revenge moves over before executing them.

Five Spots

Blatant disrespect by this red Mercedes to take up almost FIVE spots here. I mean, what was this person thinking? Good on everyone for teaching this person a lesson. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to make sure you get your point across–even if that means cones and toilet paper.

Zip Tie

Now this is a clever move. Imagine not knowing your parked horribly–because inconsiderate drivers never think they’re in the wrong–and you come up to your car thinking there’s just a shopping cart in the way. But nope! That cart is zip tied to your car. Good luck with that one!

Getting your Point Across
Can’t go wrong with just letting the person know how you really feel. At the end of the day, sometimes bad parkers just don’t get it and they ought to be put in their place. A simple “idiot” reference gets the point across and lets other drivers know to stay away.

Smart Car

Another smart move on a smart car. This one goes the extra mile as it looks like someone built this wooden structure. These “Car 2 Go” things are the most inconsiderate as the person parking the car has no repercussions after they park it so they pay it no mind.

New Paint Job

Now that’s a bright move! We’re talking about the paint, not the park job. Maybe this person pissed off a painter, but we’re hoping the person who got pissed off went so far as to go to the store and get enough paint to make their point to this bad parker.

Best Parking Job

Ever First of all, that’s an awful parking job. Get close to the curb for crying out loud. Next, we love how this person actually took a picture of this car and then went to a printer to print out this flyer and send a message. Major points for the effort and execution.

Dear sir…

An amazing note here. Love the “Dear sir or madam” at the top and the “truth is, it actually fits in one” as if assuming this person thinks they are entitled to two parking spots. The note has just enough snark and bluntness that it’s sure to get across to the bad parker.


The Outback

What a bad parking job at the Outback Steakhouse. Maybe if you were in the Outback you’d be able to park like that, but here at this wonderful establishment if you park like an idiot you’ll get a stern lesson like the one here. Good luck getting out of that.

Parking Boot

I guess if you have a nice Jeep like this one you think you can park across two parking spots. But this person got taught a lesson really quick. Two parking boots, front and back. Also, do these bad parkers even if they don’t get served justice get embarrassed when coming back to their car parked so horribly?

Are you Blind?

Not sure what went wrong here but it was enough to have this person refer to this person as being blind. Do you guys travel around with one of those window paint sticks like this person? I don’t but maybe more people in our society do. I just had no idea.

Going to Great

Lengths A total wrap of the car? I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one before. And it looks like it’s only because they went over the line a little–which can be egregious, but I’m not sure it warrants this revenge. Either way, it’s an impressive effort from the person getting the bad parker back.

Draw it Up

Ahh yes, the ol’ parking instructions paper with the drawn diagram. This one has sarcasm along with execution and we love the “by the way” at the end teaching this person about showering. This is just beautiful and effective in my opinion. Good job all around. Not to mention, this situation would be so frustrating.





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