10 Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Gamblers

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10 Famous Celebrities You Didn

Gambling is a widespread phenomenon today. People take trips to places like Las Vegas to submerge into its fascinating worlds of chance and glitter. Several people use their bonuses and seek out their favorite games over the internet to gamble on online casino sites. The number of gamblers has increased these days and celebrities are no exception. Here are some of the best-known faces who like to bow to the goddess of Fortuna.

Pamela Anderson

The former Baywatch star/Playboy bunny is reportedly a huge fan of slot machines. Both these are not the only game she plays she also gets bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about poker. Rumors say that she cleared a whopping poker debt of undisclosed properties by fulfilling poker pro Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari’s desires. None of the parties had confirmed the story though.

Ben “The Batman” Affleck

Ben Affleck not only plays a playboy on screen. The actor/director is a huge poker fan and some Rumors speak of his trip to Vegas along with his old-time friend Matt Damon, where he won $800,000 playing three $20,000 hands of blackjack. He was also rumored to have left a tip worth $150,000 to the casino staff.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is known for his idiotic role in “Dude Where's My Car?” and for his much more serious role in “The Butterfly Effect”. Kutcher has admitted, to being used as a front for sports betting syndicate. His role was to place the bets on behalf of some professional handicappers, not legally allowed to gamble.

50 Cent

American singer/actor Curtis Jackson professionally known by his stage name “50 Cent” bet more than his name on various sports and he was quite lucky in many of his pursuits. He has reportedly won 1 million dollars with a bet on the Mayweather v/s Oscar De La Hoya boxing match.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golf players in the world and also a Blackjack addict. Woods is among the preferred guests of casinos. Rumors say as he has a habit of betting as much as two hundred thousand dollars on one hand and he is quite good at both sports.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie can add gambling problem to the long list of his issues. According to his former wife Denise Richards, the actor used to spend about 20,000 on sport betting each week.

Tobey Maguire

Former spider-man star Tobey Maguire seems like an innocent young man but his secrets are lurking like Venom under his skin. He was reportedly sued over his winnings on a legal high stakes poker game.

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson, the former basketball player is widely known for his drinking and gambling problems. His gambling habits have led him to banish from some casinos both in Atlantic City and Detroit.

Michael Jordan

There are lots of debates over the first retirement of NBA legend Michael Jordan as some rumors suggest that it was due to his gambling habits. NBA did an investigation to check with the same problems of the player.

Charles Barkley

Last but not the least former NBA star and commentator Charles Barkley who has admitted that he blew over 10 million dollars due to his gambling problems.




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