And Another Round Of Revenge (15 gifs)

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Basically a “friend” constantly owed me a little money for cigarettes, beer that I would pick up. He would promise every time to pay me back, and I would go out of my way to get him what he asked for. After a while I stopped wanting to do so, and he would get angry. I asked for the small amount (under 20$) that he owed me for previous purchases and he pretty much told me to get off his property and not talk to him anymore.


Well, after about a week of this going on and me not getting the money back, I decided to take this into my own hands. I posted a craigslist ad for a estate sale saying all must go, starting at a ridiculously early hour and saying he spoke spanish. Told people to text or call him for questions and posted his name and #.


Years ago I drove a tow truck and we delivered a lot of cars to dealers. One little dealership was notorious for having jerks working there. It was like all the high school bullies got back together and open a car lot.


Got a call on a Friday after lunch, from a client asking me to deliver a car to the dealership, and they had to have it before 5:00 pm, or they didn’t have to pay for it, and by pay for it, I mean the car and the tow bill. This would be no problem, the car was a couple blocks from me and the dealer was about a mile away. I went and hooked the car and headed to the dealer. It was 3:30 pm when I left my office.


I get to the dealership and go in to find someone to sign for it. No one would sign, they told me to just park it around back. Knowing what jerks these guys were, no way was I going to leave it there without being able to prove they got it before 5. I talked to the new car manager, used car manager, service manager and finance manager. No one would sign for it, and they were taunting me almost looking for a fight. OK.


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I dropped the car and drove it up to their front doors, got out and locked it, backed up and looked at the crew inside laughing. I backed up another couple steps and threw the keys onto their roof. They lost their [email protected]#! I waved and left.


I was back in my office in less than 5 minutes. By this time, it’s about 4:45pm. I walk in and my boss was on the phone and laughing, he called me right into his office and put the call on speaker. Our client was on the phone as was the GM from the dealer. The GM was a lunatic about his showroom being blocked by the car and me tossing the keys on the roof.


My client and boss knew these guys were jerks and wanted to know what happened. I told them no one would sign for the car and it had to be there before 5:00. GM said right! I said, so it’s before 5 and you’re calling to complain the car is blocking your showroom.


At this point my boss, the client (Mike) and I were all laughing hysterically. The GM got madder until I could catch my breath and call his crew out for not signing for it. They were going to say the car got there after 5 so they didn’t have to pay if I didn’t have proof of delivery. That’s kind of hard to do now because the GM was on the phone at 4:45 complaining about the car on his lot.


That dealer treated their customers the same way they tried to treat me. Less than 2 years later, the building was a mattress store!



My mom is very blunt, straightforward, and doesn’t take [email protected] from anyone. When she was a junior in college, she moved into an on-campus apartment complex. What she found when she opened the door were roaches. Lots of roaches.


She called the manager of the complex to complain and ask them to come spray. The manager smugly replied, “cockroaches aren’t a problem. And besides, there’s nothing we can do about them.”

Later that night, Mom was horrified to find a roach on her toilet paper roll. She had almost used a roach to clean herself. At this moment, she snapped and planned her revenge.


She emptied a bottle of applesauce and poked holes in it. The holes were large enough for the roaches to breathe; but small enough so that they wouldn’t escape. She then spent the rest of the weekend collecting every single roach in her apartment.


Come Monday morning, mom went to the front office, holding the jar behind her back. Asked to speak to the manager. Manager came out.

Mom: hi, I’m (name), I spoke to you Friday regarding my roach problem?

Manager: right, and again, it’s not a problem.


Mom opened the jar of roaches and dumped them on the managers desk. Manager jumped up and screamed bloody murder.

Mom; what? I thought you said roaches weren’t a problem?

The manager immediately called an exterminator and mom never saw another roach in that apartment.





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