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Siblings Will Never Give You Time To Rest (32 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       20 Aug 2019       2962      

Girls, where’s your sister?

Out of 365 days in a year, my brothers use 7 to practice their direct sibling teamwork—for a week-long prank. The other 358 are spent planning it from opposite ends of the hall.

“Why is your sister in a cage?” “We’re playing lions at the zoo!”

My sister’s nickname is Giraffe because she has a long neck. She hates it. This is going to be my birthday present to her.

Remember the ice bucket challenge? We are sure she never forgot about it.

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As a prank, my brother and I have been stashing a decorative skeleton in each other’s stuff for months.

My brother got tired of the garage freezer being left open.

Me and my brother are in a prank war. And I walk into my room to find this. LIKE DOES HE REALIZE HE HAS TO CLEAN IT UP?

After my heart surgery, I told my sister that I could use an Apple watch to monitor my heart rate and she delivered.

I got up nice and early to prank my little brother.


My brother was supposed to give me a ride home from our neighbor’s house.

Asked my brother to meet me at a popular restaurant for dinner. He showed up like this.

When you’re sick of your brother always coming into your bedroom, and you decide to take radical measures…

My brother got into my phone’s keyboard settings…

So this is what my brother went to sleep to last night

You can’t help photobombing your sister’s photos.

My brother decided to wake me up like this.

I changed all the photos of my sister in the house to images of sloth faces.

My brother wrapped 8 pairs of my shoes up in tinfoil and duct tape. I’m 23 and he’s 31. We may never grow up.

I pulled a little prank on my brother.

My brother and I are in a bit of a prank war.

Woke up to this picture of my brother showing off his new pillows

Yes, that is gift wrap… metal gift wrap.

My brother teases our little sister every day with chalkboard drawings.

I lost a bet and let my sister cut my hair. This is the face of instant regret.

Okay, so my little brother did this while nobody else was home.

I came home from college for the weekend and my little sister had baked me a cake.

When your sister asks you to make her some food too

A supportive older brother

My sister doesn’t like it when I shave and leave my hair in the sink…

My sister’s housewarming gift

This is a gift from a brother to his single sister on Valentine’s Day.





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