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Guy Tries To Draw His Goofy Dog, Becomes A Full-Blown Goofy Pet Artist (16 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       7 Sep 2019       2290      

This is Jay’s goofy dog Stanley

This is what happened to Jay Cartner, who has actually been drawing and painting for 25 years. Turns out their most popular works, the ones that people truly relate to, are the kind you would find on a napkin, or the margins of a school book!

“My husband, Grady, and I have 3 retired racing greyhounds – Stanley, Stuart and Kitty,” Jay told. “I’ve been making art since my first art class at 5 years old. No one has ever really been interested in my serious stuff, but my goofy little doodles seem to make people smile! I’ve been drawing for years, and greyhounds make perfect models.”


Jay decided to have a little fun doodling Stanley’s weird poses, and people love them!

“Stanley was my first greyhound. He’s 8 years old. I adopted him 6 years ago and he was so wonderful that I almost immediately started fostering retired greyhounds. He is an absolute goofball! He loves cookies and hates any form of exercise. He was born to lounge on the couch; in fact, he might be more potato than greyhound! He makes the most awkward movements and poses when he prances around in the backyard and he is incredibly fun to draw! He loves everyone he’s ever met and enjoys being the center of attention in every way.”

Jay went on to explain that it all began when they were having a stressful day, and so decided to take a few minutes to sketch Stanley in goofy poses.

“I succeeded in making myself laugh and posted these sketches on Facebook in case it might make someone else smile. I had no idea they would be quite this popular!”

“I think people enjoy them because our animals all have such wonderful individual personalities and these doodles illustrate these personalities in a simple and fun way. When people commission me to draw their dogs (and now cats, horses, guinea pigs, geckos, and children!) I love to chat with them about their animals and what makes them special and I try to let their personalities shine through the drawings.”

“I also think our current world is full of stress and negative experiences. I’ve been told that my doodles provide something of a brief escape from the crushing weight of existence. I understand that my style is not for everyone, and that is ok! Art is subjective! I’m just happy that I’m able to make people smile!”


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Jay can doodle other people’s pets too

Jay has since started Facebook and Instagram pages to showcase their doodles, and they are just good old fashioned fun! These are places where people can just hang out and talk dogs and art and not take themselves too seriously. They will even doodle your own pets if you’re really lucky!“After my first doodle post exploded on Facebook, I started getting a lot of requests,” Jay explains. “People wanted to know where they could find more doodles. I didn’t have any more doodles, so I made a few more that night. Then it just sort of evolved.”

“I’ve been getting a lot of custom commission work, digital doodle images, original custom doodles, and custom canvas paintings! I’m also working on being able to produce and sell custom-doodle t-shirts and tote bags within the next couple of weeks.”


“People have requested everything from a book to a shower curtain, so I’m trying to figure out how to make these options available to people who want them. I have ideas for a webcomic as well!”

They are truly works of art!





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