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The Best Things People Could Find In Thrift Stores (40 pics)

Posted in Pictures       7 Sep 2019       4475      

Two Months Ago, My 20 Year Old Kitty Passed Away. After All Those Years, I've Been Heartbroken. Yesterday I Went Downtown To The Salvation Army Store And Found This Gem. I Pasted My Kitty's Photo In The Image So You Can See How Amazing This Is. I Mean. It Is Her!

Y'all, My Local Bin Dig Store Had A Fill-A-Cart For $10 Sale, So I Started Filling Up On Small Toys To Hand Out At Halloween. I Grabbed This Fake Credit Card, Because It Said James Bond On It. This Morning, I Noticed There Was A Slider On The Back And Opened It. It's A Freaking Lock Picking Set!!!

I Found This Last Week And It’s Definitely My Favorite Thing I’ve Seen At An Antique Or Thrift Store. Introducing The Violin Vampire Killing Kit!

Had To Spruce Her Up A Bit

My 9 Year Old Daughter Found This Today At The Goodwill In Niles, Michigan. She Said He Had To Come Home With Us Because She Loves Weird Things And She Just Knew That Nobody Else Would Buy Him And He Would Be Lonely

Izismile Video Collection

Now You're Singing It

Found This Yesterday And Bought For My Son, Who Loved It! Best £2 Spent Ever!

I Rescued This Incredible Globe From The Trash, It’s About 20” Tall And Handcrafted With Semi-Precious Stones And A Brass Base. Not Really That Weird But Definitely Second Hand And Pretty Unusual

Lucky Enough To Find Matching Dresses For My Boyfriend And Me So We Could Do This Pose At The Stanley Hotel. Estes Park, Co Thrift Shop

My 6 Year Old Spent Her Allowance On A Hand Painted, Canvas Portrait Of A Goat She Found At The Flea Market. Yes It Came Home. It's Now Hung In Her Room


This Large, Weird Mushroom House Lamp From The '70s Is One Of My Favorite Second Hand Finds.

Thrift Store Painting To Which Someone Had Added A Dinosaur

Who Remembers ....

Just Had To Share This Charming Tissue Dispenser I Came Across In New York

Yes. It Came Home With Me. Haven't Read It Yet

Bought A Nice Frame At Goodwill For $0.50. Put A Photo In It And Kept Seeing A Smudge. Removed The Back And Held It Up To The Light And Saw This...

I Literally Darted Across The Store When I Saw Her. She’s So Fancy I Love It

Finally... I Can Drink My Beer With Ladylike Class!

I Don't Know If These Qualify As Weird As Much As They Do Amazing. Found At A Small Local Thrift Store. I Picked Them Up Without Hesitation

I Found This At Goodwill! This Has Officially Become My Wedding Rehearsal Bouquet!

Yes I Did Buy This Elephant Sweatshirt. Made Me Laugh Too Hard Not Too

Check Out This Kraken Stand I Have In My Kitchen Now

So... I Couldn't Be Happier With My Goodwill Find Today. I Previously Worked For A Termite And Pest Control Company But They Closed 2 Julys Ago

Really Beautiful And Intricately Carved Skull At Asiabarong Gallery, Great Barrington Ma

Got The Dragon For Free! It Stands About 7 Feet Tall And Is Hand Pounded Tin

My Four Year Old Daughter Absolutely Could Not Live Without This Four Foot Rainbow Trout!

So Brought These From Savers And Didn’t Look At The Back

Obviously This Shirt Had To Come Home With Me Today. It's Way Too Large For Me But Oh Well

Pencil Flats. I Hope A Teacher Somewhere Out There Will Stumble Upon These Gems

Mad At Your Spouse???

Thank You To The Saint Who Donated This. It’s Now Thriving In Its New, Loving Home!

I Wanted To Give Y’all An Update On How Absolutely Perfect This Crazy Piece Looks In My Bright, Plant Filled Dining Room

Found This Gem Today At Savers In St. Louis. Pretty Sure It’s Homemade (No Tags) And For $2.99, You’d Better Believe It Came Home With Me

My Best Friend And I Wore Thrift Store Wedding Dresses To A Showing Of Bridesmaids. After The Show, This Woman Stopped Us. She Was The Original Owner Of Our Dresses. Both Dresses!!!

In At Atlanta Area Goodwill, July 15. When I Told My Son I Didn't Buy It He Said "What's Wrong With You?!"

Here’s Looking At You, Kid

Back In January, I Acquired One Of My Most Prized Possessions- A Life-Sized Cast Replica Of An Apatosaurus Femur Bone!

Found This At A Goodwill. Adorable Little Animals To Impale What A Weird Toy

I Present... Bizarre Cat Trinket Pot! It Did Not Come Home With Me

My Niece Found This Fabulous Dinosaur Dress At The Salvation Army Store Today. It Is So Cute On Her And It Did Go Home With Her





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