Skier 4 year s ago
I am allergic to animals and I can say it distresses me when people bring such animals on a plane. A service animal I can deal with, but claiming needing a pet for emotional support on a plane is ridiculous. I recall a story of an emotional support dog biting another passengers face. It is getting ridiculous as I am starting to see people bring their pets into the grocery store now.
Concern 4 year s ago
Attention wh*res. Lived next door in an indoor condo to an out of control therapy pig that squealed bloody murder day and night. Dumba$$ owner never put it on a leash, it didn’t obey him, and it attacked dogs. He spent all day in a downstairs bar next to the door to the condo building and he left the pig loose outside all day. I had to pass by with my dog daily. Every time I would have to run or pick up my dog for the safety of the pig, who would chase us. I told him repeatedly that my dog, a bull terrier, WILL attack his pig if he keeps letting it chase us. Of course it finally happened. My dog did exactly what I warned him about, and I was made the bad guy for having a “viscous” dog, even though she was always leashed and obeying the rules. Such bullsh*t.

Real service animals go through rigorous training. An emotional support animal requires none and can be completely unfit to be around people and other animals. These people are taking advantage and they will cause bans on emotional support animals. They will create laws requiring expensive training because of these idiots and those who actually need them might be denied.

Duck On Flight

Daniel the Duck is a certified emotional support animal, who helps his owner Carla Fitzgerald battle the post traumatic stress disorder. “Everyone just took notice of him and fell in love,” Fitzgerald told ABC News. “I mean, he’s an adorable, funny and sweet little guy. He was very well behaved at the airport and during the flight.”


Do These People Go Too Far With Their Emotional Support Pets?