Top 8 Time Management Apps for College Students

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Top 8 Time Management Apps for College Students


     Time is everything we have. When you have to combine studying in college, work, additional projects, meetings with friends, trips, and watching new videos on YouTube, you realize that you are being buried under the piles of tasks. A soft skill of managing your time became extremely valuable for people who want to adapt to new speed of life. This is a skill that the employers are looking for. We are exposed to such a huge flow of information and tasks that often don’t handle the pressure. College students frequently believe that they can cope up with everything: they pick up additional classes, find a job or two. Sooner or later, they burn out. And now, they have neither strength nor desire to write their papers or study. Now, they have to buy essays online on EssayShark and skip shifts at work.


     Respectful sources often bring up the topic of effective time management and publish various articles on this topic. However, you still need time to read them! Luckily, there are special mobile applications that can help you keep everything in one place, remind you to sleep, eat, do your homework, and meet friends in time. No need to carry notebooks and write to-do-lists on small stickers. Apps have already organized everything for you. We found 8 marvelous time management applications that will become real life-savers for college students. Let’s take a closer look at them.



     Focus Keeper


     Are you constantly scrolling Instagram’s feed instead of completing the tasks? Focus Keeper will help you to concentrate on studying or work. This app is based on the concentration principle of the Pomorodo method. The idea is that you have to take 3-5- minute breaks every 25 minutes of work. Just turn on the timer and concentrate on your tasks. This app will boost your productivity and protect you from burnout.

     Price: Free

     Available on iOS.





     This app is for real fans of check-lists and habit trackers. If you have been looking for a couch that would help you form a new useful habit, then this application is perfect for you. Habit offers convenient customized motivational reminders and a cute interface. Besides, there is a function of depicting your habits in graphs. “You increased your reading speed by 30%!” is a splendid achievement. We would even share these results with friends.

     Price: Free with In-App Purchases

     Available on iOS.





     An easy-to-use and beautiful interface of Productive will fit perfectly for compiling lists of goals and tasks. The app offers you categories of tasks: effectiveness, hobby, study, etc. You can also create tasks on your own. Set the time you think you might need to accomplish this task, and the timer will control you. You will never forget important meetings or buying milk as Productive has a system of reminders.

     Price: Free with In-App Purchases

     Available on iOS.




     It’s vital for each student to keep the college agenda handy. Weeklie is a perfect app for adding your timetable and sharing it with others. You can highlight classes with different colors, add home tasks, attach files, set reminders and check out your achievements. Moreover, you don’t even have to unlock your screen to check the room of the next class.

     Price: Free with In-App Purchases

     Available on Android and iOS.



     The minimalistic design and broad fascinating functionality turned this app in one of the most popular time management tools. You can review your plans both in the form of a list and in the calendar. conveniently synchronizes with your Google Calendar. You can add tasks with a deadline and then review your accomplishments within a day, a week or a month. When you add a new point you choose between a task and an event. Events are added to your calendar automatically. You can set a reminder and add a location.

     Price: $3 for Android, free with In-App Purchase for iOS.

     Available on Android, iOS, Desktop, Chrome.





     RescueTime application fully corresponds to its title. It offers three options: for your browser, desktop, and cellphone. However, we would recommend you to install all three of them for a better effect.

     This app tracks your wasted time. You can set the parameters and add the tools and programs you use, the websites you visit, etc. Weekly, you will receive a report on your e-mail with statistics of what you have been doing. Customization is a real advantage of this app. Some students may have a job as a social media manager, so spending time on Facebook and Twitter is not a waste of time for them.

     Price: Free for mobiles

     Available on Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Mac, Linux.





     It’s an extremely simple and convenient tool. In Trello, you can keep all your projects and work with teams. Everything is arranged in the form of boards. You can attach files, change templates and customize all the settings. One of the advantages of Trello is that you can see all the cards on the board and follow your progress. In addition to this, you can invite other students to this app and delegate some tasks to them if you work as a team.

     Price: Free and an advanced version at $5

     Available on Android, iOS, Web.





     If discipline is your weak point and you are sick and tired of reminders and notifications, try something drastic. Block your apps. OFFTIME allows you to block some of your apps and automatically sends messages to your friends saying that you are busy and will be available later. The app will also tell you if you use your phone too much. Basically, that’s a real strict couch that won’t let you the latest Instagram posts unless you complete your tasks.

     Price: Free with In-App Purchases

     Available on Android and iOS.




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