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Astronomy Photos Are Breathtaking As Usual… (50 pics)

Posted in Pictures       18 Sep 2019       1713      

The Royal Observatory Greenwich has just revealed the winners of its annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, and every single one of them is majestic in its own right.


Aurorae: 'Aurora Is A Bird' By Alexander Stepanenko

Stars And Nebulae: 'Ngc 6164, The Blue Doily' By Josep Drudis

People And Space Winner: 'Ben, Floyd & The Core' By Ben Bush

Stars And Nebulae: 'Deep In The Heart Of Mordor - Ngc 7293' By Andrew Campbell

Our Sun Winner: 'A Little Fireworks' By Alan Friedman

Izismile Video Collection

Robotic Scope: 'Sh2-308 Dolphin Head' By Tian Lee

Skyscapes Highly Commended: 'Flower Power' By Brandon Yoshizawa

Stars And Nebulae: 'Depth And Height, Ngc 7822 Devil's Head Nebulae Complex' By László Bagi

Galaxies Highly Commended: 'Andromeda Galaxy' By Raul Villaverde Fraile

Skyscapes Winner: 'Across The Sky Of History' By Wang Zheng


Aurorae: 'To The Flying Aurora' By Zhijun Yan

Our Moon: 'Mineral Moon - Aristarchus Quadrangle' By Alain Paillou

Stars And Nebulae Runner-Up: 'A Horsehead Curtain Call' By Bob Franke

Aurorae: 'Aurora Outside The Tiny Cave' By Sutie Yang

Stars And Nebulae Winner: 'Statue Of Liberty Nebula' By Ignacio Diaz Bobillo

People And Space Runner-Up: 'Above The Tower' By Sam King

Stars And Nebulae Highly Commended: 'The Elegant Elephant's Trunk' By Lluís Romero Ventura

Skyscapes: 'Worimi' By Jay Evans

Skyscapes: 'Deadvlei' By Stefan Liebermann

Aurorae: 'Aurora Like Phoenix' By Wang Zheng

The Sir Patrick Moore Prize For Best Newcomer Joint: 'The Perseid Fireball 2018' By Zhengye Tang

Our Moon: 'Hubble Space Telescope Transits Across The Moon Between Lunar X And Lunar V' By Michael Marston

Our Moon: 'Sunlight Versus Earthshine' By László Francsics

Galaxies Runner-Up: 'Hydrogen Sculptures In The Large Magellanic Cloud' By Ignacio Diaz Bobillo

Our Sun Runner-Up: 'The Active Area Ar12714' By Gabriel Corban

Our Sun Highly Commended: 'The Sun - Atmospheric Detail' By Jason Guenzel

The Sir Patrick Moore Prize Fo

Stars And Nebulae: 'Fiery Lobster Nebula' By Suavi Lipinski

Skyscapes: 'Mars Above The Keck Lasers' By Sean Goebel

Planets, Comets And Asteroids Highly Commended: 'Black Saturn' By Martin Lewis

Skyscapes Runner-Up: 'Galactic Lighthouse' By Ruslan Merzlyakov

The Sir Patrick Moore Prize For Best Newcomer Joint: 'Bloodborne' By Keijo Laitala

The Sir Patrick Moore Prize For Best Newcomer Joint Winner: 'The Jewels Of Orion' By Ross Clark

Aurorae Winner: 'The Watcher' By Nicolai Brügger

Stars And Nebulae: 'The Running Man Nebula' By Steven Moh

Stars And Nebulae: 'Ngc 2070 - The Tarantula Nebula' By Thomas Klemmer

Stars And Nebulae: 'The Wolf Nebula: Sl-17' By Andrew Campbell

Young Highly Commended: 'M31 Andromeda Galaxy' By Tom Mogford

Stars And Nebulae: "Melotte 15 In Cassiopeia - The 'Heart Of The Heart'" By Steve Milne, Barry Wilson

Stars And Nebulae: 'Ngc 6543 - The Cat's Eye' By Jason Guenzel

Stars And Nebulae: 'Galactic Artery' By Raul Villaverde Fraile

The Sir Patrick Moore Prize For Best Newcomer Joint Winner: 'Sky And Ground, Stars And Sand' By Shuchang Dong

Our Moon: 'Halo' By Bernt Olsen

Our Sun: 'Silent Spring Sun' By Alan Friedman

People And Space: 'Road To Glory' By Nicolai Brügger

Skyscapes: 'Celestial Navigator' By Robin Stuart

Skyscapes: 'The Christmas Comet' By Tommy Eliassen

The Sir Patrick Moore Prize For Best Newcomer Joint: 'Eclipsed Moon Trail And Trees Covered With Snow' By Ximeng Deng

Our Moon Winner And Overall Winner: 'Into The Shadow' By László Francsics

Our Moon Highly Commended: 'Seven-Colour Feather Of The Moon' By Yiming Li





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