Types of online games. What are online games?

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Types of online games. What are online games?


Online games are computer games that use a continuous Internet connection.

Let's analyze what online games are. There are several varieties of such games.



Browser games


Browser games are online games where browsers are operating shells for such games or serve as containers that host virtual machines that run the game's code, such as Flash, Shockwave, Java, and the like.


Such games are most often casual (see below) due to the lack of procedures for installing them on the PC.


Browser games can be:


-     Free

-     Shareware

-     Paid.


The opportunity to play for free is provided in most cases at 918Kiss-malaysia.net. But games are the motivation to fork out for different services within them.



Client games


Another large group consists of client games.This game uses a special client program written specifically for it or for a group of similar games. In a nutshell, client games are games that are embedded in some programs, for example, in ICQ.

Some browser games can be played not through a browser, but with the help of a client program.



MUD game


MUD games are multiplayer text-based computer games. There are elements of hack-and-slash (literally "cut and cut" – games, the content of which is identified with the name), role-playing and text games, and there is always a chat.



Casual game


Casual games are called quite simple due to the structure and short duration of the game. Usually, the beginning and the end of such game occur during one session in the World Wide Web. These include various quests, games "Three in a row" (Tetris, etc.), all kinds of computer board games: cards, solitaire, chess, checkers, backgammon, puzzles, etc.; arcade games, shooters, economic games and strategies. Only one user can play casual games in most cases.



Some facts from the world of online games


   The first online game was released in 1980 in the United States. It was developed by students of one of the colleges. They called the game MUD, short for Multi-user Dungeon (literally "Multiplayer Dungeon"). The prototype for MUD was the "Dungeon" Board game.

   In 1988, the first graphical online game was developed. It was called "Habitat."

   In 1991 Neverwinter Nights were developed, which for the first time could be played on the Internet.



Popular online games according to Forbes


Examples of the most popular online games according to Forbes are World of Warcraft, Perfect World, Final Fantasy, Second Life, Club Penguin, Eve Online (a non-exhaustive list of the Top 15).


It is believed that the main number of online games belongs to the genre of RPG. In this abbreviation, the keyword is the word "role." That is to play a role. So, this is nothing more than what each user does every day. So why not try the user to do the same, but only virtually!




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