You Too Could Rediscover A Treasure (28 pics)

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“My great grandmother kept a news paper of when America landed on the moon. Just found it today.”

“Sexy stash in the spare tire compartment of the used truck I bought.”

“Someone peeled off 20 years worth of subway ads to reveal this Road Trip poster, circa 2000.”

“This Victorian era bottle of horse cure all we just dug up from a customers garden.”

“Found this boot in a pillar while renovating the porch. The house was built in 1927, but I’m sure it’s still really comfy.”

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“A nurse discovers that the premature baby she cared for 28 years ago is now her colleague.”

“This WWII era Turkish army officers dress sword that I found cleaning out my grandfathers things. We sadly have no idea how he got it to begin with. He was not a weapons collector.”

“Found this Life magazine from 1972.”

“I found a Citibank charge card buried in my yard that expired in 1979.”

“A Vancouver elementary school just unearthed a time capsule after 50 years. In it was a letter from then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.”


“This washed ashore from ‘Dorian’. ‘Please don’t open me, my ashes are on a journey, I started at Cumberland Island, so if you see me ashore, please snap a picture, email it & throw me back so I can travel some more’.”

“My dad finally found his missing Led Zeppelin tickets… 44 years too late…”

“Found a marriage certificate from 1895 in a flooded cabin we renovated.”

“Found at my uni behind a fire extinguisher – 1968.”

“Renovating a cupboard and discovered a floor safe after living here for two years – next step is trying to open it.”

“I was digging around in an attic in St. Paul and found some soap from 1874.”

“My cousin is using this bag which originally belonged to our great grandmother for her dance tomorrow night and found a note which has been hidden for 81 years.”

“My mother found this newspaper from 1944 while redoing the kitchen in her 85 (roughly) year old farm house.”

“Kurt Cobain’s first royalty check rediscovered in record store.”

“Friend of mine just moved into a new house. Took off all the heating vents to paint them, and this was behind one of them.”

“What are the odds?”

“Found a Bible from 1882 today while cleaning out a storage unit at work.”

“Replacing white boards at this school over the summer has revealed an old chalkboard covered up 40 years ago with class notes still present.”

“This was the first movie I went to see, my grandmother had sealed the tickets up in an envelope & I was sad I never saw them again until I JUST found them at the bottom of a shoe box full of old cards & letters! I relished opening this. Movie ticket stubs from 1994, $4.50 a ticket.”

“Just found a pressed leaf in a 59 year old dictionary.”

“Cigarette holder gifted to my grandfather from his AF unit while they were stationed in the UK during the Korean War. ‘From the old gang, 8/7/1954’.”

“Today my wife received a book via USPS that she ordered 10 years ago.”

“Found these at work today! We have a huge leak in one of the dorms I work in, and the plumber had to cut a hole. Who knew we found a stash of old beer cans! There was a Coors 40 glass bottle dated in 1971, an even a (not beer but cool) CocaCola classic from 1995!”





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