Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (50 pics)

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“My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow.”

“My college used to be a shopping mall.”

Japan has a plethora of bizarre Kit-Kat flavours.

“I looked out the window and saw this sign lining up with the path.”

This microwave has outlets.

Izismile Video Collection

“Old retired escalators displayed at a train station in Sydney.”

“I build furniture for a furniture company. Today I found a bullet in Cherry.”

“My brother had a customer pay with a 1928 $20 Gold Certificate today.”

“My old college had a door competition with Fahrenheit 451 theme. This is entrance to an office.”

“My toast came out like a cat so I put it on my cat plate.”


“The security camera in the car wash has a little windshield wiper.”

This houses number trimmed into their hedge.

“An “eyeball” bubble in my coffee.”

“A box of nerds from 1984 I found under my floor boards vs a box I bought yesterday.”

“My view from 30,000 feet looks like I’m flying over an alien planet or something.”

“Life-sized Lego Chevy Silverado my dad saw at the GM center.”

“My hometown’s froyo place has a ticket system where the number of purchases needed for a freebie decreases as you claim more freebies.”

“My drunk roommate’s attempt to cook dumplings in a waffle iron went better than expected.”

“I found an emergency cigarette with a strike anywhere match in a drawer at my grandmother’s place.”

“Vanilla Ice ate at this table.”

“This SUV pretending to be a sports car.”

“This shirt has a piece of lens cloth sewn on the inside for your glasses.”

“Lone White Wolf Outside My Neighborhood.”

“You can buy the kitchen crew a 6 pack at this restaurant.”

“My coworkers coffee looks like an African acacia tree.”

This "Rock" La Piedra del Peñol in Colombia.

An actual image of a PZL TS-11 Iskra hidden away in the middle of the polish countryside.

The clearest photo of the surface of Venus ever taken. This 1981 Soviet lander lasted only 127 minutes on the surface, due to the great temperature (855F) and the atmosphere being 89x greater than the Earths. AND the overcast clouds above are actually sulphuric acid.

The seed of the forest. New growth on a hanging heart shaped boulders in Jasper National Park, Canada.

This was taken in Cottage Grove, Oregon by Larry Andreasen. It's a supernumary rainbow.

An owl family portrait at home.

On the one half spring and on the other one winter.

Police officer guarding a pharmacy in high-flood waters, Ontario, 1974.

Contents of a single fire truck.

The first photograph to be taken in Canada Niagara Falls, 1840.

United States Postal Service Mailmen showing off their new motorized scooters (1917).

Aerial view of beach in Italy.

Valley of Lights: Trompia Valley, Italy.

Ureilite meteorite under a microscope.

Sculpture created with reclaimed materials.

Elizabeth II firing a British L85 battle rifle in 1993.

Soldiers From Czechoslovakia , Canada , United Kingdom , China , Italy, United States and Japan in Siberia during the Russian Civil War 1919.

Humpback Whales feeding in Alaska.

Accurate reenactment of a painting.

Abandoned Soviet steam train, Siberia.

“This building on my street looks two-dimensional from a certain angle.”

“I came across a crawfish crossing the street. I don’t live near any water.”

Supermarket in Venice used to be a theatre.





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