Teacher Becomes Michael Myers From “Halloween” (32 pics)

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It’s Ok Michael... Those Butterflies In Your Tummy Are Totally Normal. You Got This Buddy!

Like A Good New Student, Michael Checks In At The Attendance Office.

Oh Boy, Michael. Did You Forget Your Locker Combination?! Better Head To The Front Office To Speak With Mrs. Mattioda.

No... No... No... You’re On The Wrong Side Of The Desk, Michael. We’ve Talked About Walking Up Behind People Like That. (Mrs. Mattioda Is Going To Be Less Than Pleased With You...)

Safety First, Michael!

Izismile Video Collection

Hangry? Sorry, Michael, The Vending Machines Are Turned Off During The School Day. You’ll Have To Come Back Later.

Stage Fright Often Happens In A Public Restroom, Michael. It’s Perfectly Normal.

Mrs. Brosius Is Always Happy To Help Her Students... Especially When The Only Song They Know Is “Chopsticks”. (Seriously. Please Stop Playing, Michael.)

She’s Asking To Check Out A Book, Michael... And She Has Her Student Id. It’s Ok. Give Her The Book.

Dressed For Success! Isn’t It Amazing How School Brings Out A Whole Different Side To Someone - Right Michael? (We’ve All Heard The Story Though... How If It Weren’t For That Bum Knee You Could’ve Gone Pro...)


Oh No, Michael. I Think You Were Pranked. The Class Of 2020 Meeting Isn’t Until Tomorrow During Advisory.

While Waiting For The Class Meeting, Michael Checks Out The Sound Booth... As Only He Knows How.

Joining Color Guard, Michael? I Think You’ll Enjoy It! Lots Of Colors And Movement... And Glitter!!!

Hmmmmm... I Don’t Know If That Suits You, Michael. Let’s Try Another Instrument.

That’s It, Michael! Now This Instrument Fits You Just Riiiiiight.

Not Much Of A Spotter, Are You Michael?

Nice, Michael! This Explains How You Get Places So Quickly When All You Do Is Power-Walk! Don’t Let Anyone Fault You For Not Training!

Michael Doesn’t Skip Leg Day. Neither Should You! (Pro Tip!)

Now, Now, Michael. They’re Just As Afraid Of You As You Are Of Them. G’head And Share Some Of Your Wheat Thins. That’ll Break The Ice...

A Trip Down To The School Nurse After Lunch Finds Michael Meeting The School Therapy Dog. I Think Somebody Likes You, Michael!

Nurse Val Does A Quick Checkup On Michael, Who Has Complained Of Ear Troubles All Day.

Now You’re Catching On, Michael! All You Have To Do Is Raise Your Hand!

Basic Keyboarding Skills Will Come With Time, Michael. Unfortunately, You Didn’t Turn In Your “Student Internet” Form. We’ll Need You To Log Off And Return To Your Study Hall.

Uh Oh... Late To Class, Michael?! Mr. Saiben Will Read You The Riot Act!

If You’ve Ever Gotten The “Yellow Note” From The Front Office... You Know This Isn’t A Good Thing.

Yes, Michael, The Principal Will See You Now (But Thank You For Standing On The Correct Side Of Mrs. Mattioda’s Desk This Time).

It’s Never A Good Sign To Be Outside The Principal’s Office On Day 1, Michael! Just Stay Calm And Explain Your Side Of The Story. You Can Call Your Sister And See If She Can Pick You Up After School If The Meeting Runs Late... Oooooooh... Right... Sister...

Way To Rack Up Those Community Service Points, Michael! Now - And Please Don’t Read Into This - But Based Upon Your Track Record, We’re Gonna Need To Check Out What (Or Who) Is Inside That Trash Bag First...

Masks Always Make Drinking Fountains Tougher Than They Need To Be, Michael. But It’s Freshly Filtered, Just The Way You Like It. Still, You Need To Hurry Up So You Don’t Miss The Bus!

It’s Time To Gather Your Things And Head Home, Michael! (Also, Buddy, You Gotta Stop Stepping Out From The Side Of Things. You Really Freak People Out When You Do That.)

Bye Bye, Michael! Remember To Find Your Bus Buddy! See You Tomorrow!

Now That You’re Home, Michael, You Go Be Whomever You Want To Be! Go Get ‘Em Vsco Michael! (And I Oop!!! Sksksksksksksksk!)


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