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Many Instagram Photos Are Way Too Fake (44 pics)

Posted in PHOTOSHOP       28 Nov 2019       4383      

Found On Facebook

His Page vs. Her Page. I Guess He Had To Bring Her To His Level?

When You Preach Body Positivity And Then Shop Your Waist Into Oblivion

What The Tim Burton

Floors Look A Bit Bent...

Izismile Video Collection


When You Move Too Much And The Filter Comes Off

Famous Singer From My Country

Saw This On Instagram

This Girl Was Posted In Another Post For Falsely Calling Police On Her Neighbor. They Put Both These Pictures In The Article


This Person Is Running For Mayor Where I Live. Yikes

Girl, What Is Up With Your Legs?? She Put The Whole Leg On Backwards In The Second Pic!

I Cannot Believe She Seriously Posted This

This Girl With A Hefty Following Edits Her Photos To Unrecognizable Extremes. What The Heck Is Up With Those Eyes? And Skin Texture? Wheres Your Nose, Girl?

The Longer You Look At It, The Weirder It Gets

Left: Instagram, Right: Youtube

On The Left, Pictures Someone Posted To Twitter Calling Her The Most Beautiful Woman Alive. On The Right, What She Really Looked Like That Day. I Agree She’s Absolutely Gorgeous, So Why Photoshop Her To Make Her Look Like A Doll?

Legs For Days

Flexible Bones

Local Nail Salon Apparently Removes All Wrinkles From Your Hands After Doing Your Nails

Couldn’t Believe My Eyes With This One

Same Person, Different Angle

Serving Ginger Realness

Now That The Clouds Have Been Pointed Out, That’s The First Thing I Look At Now

This One Is A Lot

Her Instagram Is A Gold Mine For This Stuff. Every Time She Posts, Her Edits Get More Extreme

Apparently We Should All Be Ashamed Of Our Knuckles Now

The Guy On The Left (Who Doesn't Really Filter On His Own Insta) Got Filtered By The Other Guy A Bunch Too

I Normally Don't Notice These Things But Come On....

Saw This Girl On Tiktok...atleast She’s Completely Honest About It Lmao

Dude From Tinder Must Think He’s Got Us All Convinced

May I Present To You, A Thicc Zombie. He Makes Fake Pages To Follow And Comment On His Own Pictures And Deletes Anyone Else’s Comments That Call Him Out

Goldmine Ig Account. There So Many To Choose From

Left Was Posted On A Thinspo Insta Page. I Thought They Were Tackling This Issue?

Filtered vs. Unfiltered

I Don’t Even Have To Say Anything

At This Point, What Is Real?

Completely Changed Her Face Structure

The Picture She Posted vs. The Original

I Posted A Girl Who Got Called Out For Photoshopping Her Makeup A While Ago. Now It Seems Even The “Greats” Are Getting Away With It

Ouch @ Her Dislocated Hip, She Should Go Get That Checked Out

The Photo She Posted vs. The One Her Friend Posted Of Her

He Is Honestly Very Talented But The Editing Is Just So Unrealistic

At Least She Edited Her Friend Too





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