Do we bet on UFOs?

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Do we bet on UFOs?


How many chances are there to raise your head and see a UFO?


There are those who have tried to answer the question with a scientific method. According to a study, the possibilities grow in the summer months and around dawn or shortly after sunset. Not only, If your are in the States or in England, in the former USSR or in France, but also in Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina and Spain the fate could be more favorable.


Certainly there are official documents from four different countries that have classified as ufo, unidentified or unknown flying object, and have not been able to rationally explain a good deal of sightings from the post-war period onwards. For the Americans 5.56% of the events were reported. British and former Soviets have doubled the quota, bringing it to 10%. While the French with 22% have, so to write, raised the white flag in one in five cases.


And the bookmakers could not be less.


If we undertake an online survey, the main search engine answers us by submerging with a myriad of links. Above all, there are those of the English agencies specializing in betting. Because we know it well, beyond the English Channel we always aim at everything: from the color of the hair that its majesty will wear at public events, to the number of trays with cream and strawberries that will be sold or eaten at the Wimbledon tennis tournament.


And they could certainly not miss the bets on the sighting of UFOs or on the encounter with alien civilizations.


Without forgetting the boom that was recorded on the occasion of the transition from the 20th to the 11th century.


In our country we might be still a long way from others, but in the betting rooms or online casinos (like the ones listed on we find crowded schedules.


The figures published last December by ADM, the Customs and Monopoly Agency, say that the collection (physical network more online) of sports-based games has increased from 5.5 billion in 2015 to 9.9 of last 2017.


A trend that also influenced the winnings returned to the pockets of the bettors: they were 4.6 billion in 2015, they reached 8.6 per month.


And so the revenue for the operators of the supply chain (obviously before taxes) almost doubled in the aforementioned period, jumping from 784 million in 2015 to 1.3 billion in 2017.


Now the call is all for the data of the just concluded 2019. A year, from the point of view of the bets, really particular because characterized by the most followed sporting event in the world, the soccer world championships disputed in Russia between June and July.


Speaking of football maybe there are those among the many bookmakers who will list the presence of a flying saucer on a stadium. Event that would not be a novelty, at least reading the chronicles of that Fiorentina-Pistoiese staged in October 1954.




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