UPS Drivers Have A Special Facebook Page Where They Post Dogs They Meet While At Work (40 pics)

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Hey, we want a treat... Olympia, washington

Rudy is blind as a bat, but that doesn't stop him from following the sound of my truck until I feed him! - Saint Joseph, Michigan

I stopped my truck and before i knew it, i had a helper. Sugarland, Texas

Yeti likes when Dave comes to visit always gets a biscuit... Windsor, Pa

Attack dog. Camp Pendleton, California. Louice

Izismile Videos

To: Charlie, our friendly neighborhood UPS guy

From: Jade and Jasper, to share with all the doggos on your route

Jonesborough, TN

8 corgis decided to greet my UPS husband looking for treats and attention. Keene, New Hampshire

Here’s Bill, one of the dogs i see on my route everyday! Louisville, KY

There's a new sheriff in town...and her name is Cupcake. Her maintaining law and order at the Bells Up Winery on the mean streets of Newberg, Oregon. Like the rough-and-tumble saloons of the old Wild West, the Bells Up Winery attracts more than its fair share of wine tasting drifters, cattle rustlers, outlaws, gamblers, horse thieves and assorted ne'er-do-wells...all of whom require a firm hand to keep them in line. Its a big job indeed, and one that only Cupcake can handle. She is predatory perfection personified; a pint-sized Pomeranian powerhouse in pink pineapple pajamas. A full forty-four ounces of fearless, fiery, four-legged, flesh-eating fury. She combines the tenacity of a pit bull, the razor-sharp fangs of a rattlesnake, the bone-crushing jaws of a hyena, the speed of a gazelle and the shrill, deafening howl of an air raid siren into a potent and compact package that can be concealed in a coat pocket or handbag until such time as her awesome power is deployed against the miscreant who dares to misbehave in her establishment. When the forces of evil conspire to prey upon the law-abiding citizens of the Newberg frontier, you can sleep easy knowing that the mighty Cupcake will be there to stop them! co.

Champ is a distemper survivor, he uses a special quad wheelchair. He wanted to meet the big brown beast, which he thinks is his own personal goodies truck! Champ is my foster boy who is looking for his forever home. He is available with Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue in Virginia


awwww. Prospect, KY.

Yep! Something tells me I should not exit the package car! Just saying... Chesaw, Washington...

Our delivery guy meeting our newest member of the family today. Central Illinois.

Sometimes "ewe" don't know who's coming into your truck. This is Elsa. She's a house dog. I dare you to tell her otherwise!!! Her human told me to see if she'd like puppy treats. She did! He was impressed. West Central Minnesota


“Any Bark Boxes up there?” - Jessie

Paducah, KY

This dog has had a few too many treats Central City, Nebraska

She loves being carried by the UPS man and snuggled up. Louisville, Kentucky

The deer dog Sparkles. Lake City FL


Deliver a package in a garage turn towards my truck, then I hear a meow from behind. Portland, TN

When you see puppy.. you hold puppy, you cradle puppy, you love on puppy, you get puppy kisses, and last but not least you take picture with puppy! I love what I do. It is by far one of the most hardest and demanding jobs I’ve ever done. However it is also the best job I could ever ask for. As a ups driver I come across a lot of things. Crazy people crazy dogs.. and then I come across some really awesome people and really amazing dogs! But between me and you I’ll always prefer seeing a good ole puppy any day!  Louisville Kentucky

2 of the most beautiful dogs on my route. Cinco and Ivy. I have posted over 250 dogs on my Instagram account. I retire February 2020, I am going to miss my dog's. 

Woodinville, Washington

Hello from Nuremberg, Germany

Best employee goes to Mr. Bentley  Bozeman, Montana


One of the coolest looking dogs on my route!! Meet Loki

....another heart breaker. Otis, Oregon

Our UPS drive loves our Doberman pack..

Harpersferry, WV.

Look into my eyes.


Awww new baby

Camas, Washington

Steve in Wales, Wi with Mama Callie in the middle with baby's Sikari on the left and Reggie on the right..

Making new friends on my new route. 200lb English Mastiff.

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Ottawa Ontario Canada


My buddy Hank! Vero Beach FL

Me and my buddy Kai ! Burlington, Wisconsin

Smiling because it’s Friday! Goldsboro, NC

Looks like a two treat kinda day. Tim Springer Orlando, Florida.






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