A Brain On Autopilot Is A One-way Road To Stupidity (17 gifs)

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I drove nearly 2 hours to my dads house instead of meeting them two hours in the other direction for a family wedding


Got excited when an email popped up, but it was the one I just sent to myself.


Apologized to a bottle of soap I knocked down.


I microwaved a ready meal, then chucked the ready meal in the bin and walked off with the packaging.


My previous smartphone could be woken up by tapping on the screen twice. I once had my phone and wallet next to each other on my desk while I was on the computer. I went to check if I had any notifications – I looked RIGHT AT MY WALLET and tapped on it twice. Waited a second for the screen to turn on.

Hung my head in shame for about 10 seconds after that.


Izismile Video Collection

Grabbed the milk from the fridge, opened the cabinet to grab a glass, put the milk in the cabinet. I got distracted for a second and forgot where I put it. I spent the next 20 minutes looking for the milk, all while my family was convinced I was playing some dumb prank on them by hiding the milk.


Got up in the morning, showered, shaved, dressed and headed off to work, picking up a newspaper while walking to the subway. Read the paper on the train, pleasantly surprised that I actually got a seat for the 45-minute trip! Got off at my stop and was mystified by the sparse rush-hour crowds on the sidewalk. Looked carefully at the paper I’d just finished reading.

It was Saturday. :/


I used to work as a short order cook in a deli. I would crack up to 20-30 eggs on the flattop are a time. I would be cracking eggs at some points and crack the egg split it open over the garbage can and throw the shell on the flattop.


I had a glass of water and a book, and I was walking into my room. I threw the water onto my bed. Why.


When I got a car from the first time. Next day I drove to the grocery store. Did my shopping took bus back home. Woke up in the morning – car is missing. Remembered that I left it at the store.



Was welding up a part in my shop and had a 2′ bead to weld on one side. Flipped the part around on the table and started welding in the zoned out way a person does at the end of the day.

Welded the part to my welding bench.

Flipped my hood up and look at it and was completely baffled at my stupidity.


Had a microwave burger, that goes in for 3 minutes. I put it on for 30 minutes, and proceeded to do other stuff, whilst checking to see if the microwave was finished. I remember thinking it was taking a long time, but still I checked and waited for the ‘three’ minutes to end.

That burger was rock hard and devoid of any moisture. I had a sandwhich instead, but it makes me smile to this day for some reason.


Sit at a stop sign, waiting for it to turn green.


Wanted to take a quick whiz before leaving the house. Next thing I know I’m showering. Again.


I woke up once and decided to make myself an omelette. Step 1, pam spray on the burner…


Walked into a bathroom between classes at high school while an intense conversation was going on. We all started using the urinals, while still engrossed in the discussion so I did not notice that I was standing at a sink, not a urinal.

And I was peeing.

I cleaned the sink really well afterwards, at least.


Starting to type in a porn site when I was remotely presenting to my coworkers and opened the internet browser.


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