We Need More Smiles! (23 pics)

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After being missing for 4 days, Ruby was brought home safe. I think she’s happy to be back!

I am extremely happy to say that I have gone five years without having a seizure! So, to celebrate, I went to Craters of the Moon in Idaho.

Since he was in the NICU last Christmas, it feels like this year is his first

I was walking down the Waikiki, Hawaii and someone shouted “free look at the moon!” And as i turned, an older gentleman looked at me and smiled saying “it’s not a scam” :) this is what i got out of it. Thank you Mr. Berry this will not be forgotten.

After two years of trying, feels good to finally be putting together our first nursery!

Izismile Video Collection

I’ll be 7 years sober in a month. Tomorrow, my wife and I celebrate 12 years of marriage. I thank my lucky stars that she stuck by me. This is happy.

Spending time relaxing out of a stressful day is the best feeling ever. Making your body relax and taking breaks tends to boost your productivity in the long run.

After years of disordered eating destroyed my teeth and my self confidence, I can finally say I like my smile again!

My normally afraid-of-everything toddler overcame that today!

I’ve only been gardening a few months but it’s brought me so much joy. I’m so proud of my toms!

Got married to my best friend in the world on Saturday! What a great way to start the new decade with my new family

Finally got to the top of the Empire State Building after wanting to go for my entire life and I started crying happy tears!

Ive had this orchid for 4/5 years and for a while I thought its flowering days were truly over, today I saw some buds and flowers. Make like the orchid and be patient with yourself

My dad sometimes dresses up as something funny for Christmas and surprises us with gifts. This year we decided not to do gifts bc there’s just too many of us now and all the $. But I’m secretly dressing up and buying everyone gifts for the very first time because now I have a job this year!

My aunt rescued a dog that was born in the kennel and super skittish. She’s just the goof that Siesta needs!


Just bought a house. After years of no yard, the dogs now have an acre to tucker themselves out with. Feels great to do good by them.

I can’t own a pet so getting to visit a cat cafe instantly transports me to my happy place.

In my last semester of uni I had two reasons for staying up. But we did it and now I can give her the life she deserves

Bought and decorated our first ever live tree last night. My heart is so full.

6 months ago today I began my journey with the help of a personal trainer – I’m down 61 lbs and never could’ve imagined being this happy!

I raised £150 for Age UK by knitting 600 little hats, and today I got a thank you package :) Over the moon happy for the recognition of a lot of knitting!

Due to my medical condition, I’ve been in and out of high school for 13 years. I finally graduated today.

Her smile makes me want to live. She isn’t a registered emotional dog but she doesn’t need to be.


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