Celebs That Liked Paper Writing

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It might seem unbelievable to you but there are actually people who like writing essays, research papers, group projects, etc. What might seem even more perplexing to you is that there are celebrities who wrote some brilliant essays while they were students. Sure, one may think why a person who earns millions of dollars by acting, singing, dancing, etc. might need to write? Still, celebrity writers are, first of all, those who loved to write when they were still in school or college. Believe it or not, but it has helped them a lot to achieve success in life. This article will tell you about four celebrities that liked paper writing.


Celebs That Liked Paper Writing


Tom Hanks


When it comes to talking about the world’s most famous celebrities that liked writing papers and essay while they were in school or college, the name of Tom Hanks is the first to be put on the list. In 2017 Tom was giving a lot of interviews which were all scheduled within the framework of the commercial campaign for his first book called “Uncommon Type: Some Stories”. It turned out that the actor has been collecting typewriters for more than thirty years already and has already had more than seventy units in his collection. Sounds fascinating, right? Seems like there was definitely not one classmate who used to ask: “Tom, do my paper for me, please!”.



James Franco


One of Hollywood’s most wanted bachelors, James Franco has recently acknowledged that he actually liked writing when he was at school. In one of the interviews, he claimed: “When I was still a student professional writing services were not that popular yet; thus, instead of filing the I need someone to write my research paper request online, my classmates would often ask me to help them with their writing assignments”. Regardless of how good James was when he had to write a research paper, but it can be easily stated that his writing did not go anywhere far. His essay on the nowadays popular culture of making selfies that was published in The New York Times, has become a hit and a decent response to his critics who extensible blamed him for posting too many of them on his social media accounts.



Steve Martin


Just like Tom Hanks, Steven Martin has followed the trend and wrote his own book that was published a year later in 2018. Nonetheless, as it has turned out Steve Martin has already been a brilliant writer when James Franco was still green behind the ears. He has published five books by the end of the 20 th century and each of them was a bestseller. Being a rich man, Steve martin could pay someone to write all his books for him but has chosen the hard way.


He has written all his books alone, just like hundreds of splendid scripts for movies, and the basis for all this verbal magic has been laid down while he was still in school. The author states that all of his fellow students in the Santa Ana College would give him no rest with the write my research paper and write my term paper requests. He was good at writing papers when he still was a young chap.



J.K. Rowling


This name on our list of the chosen ones is, probably, the one that is met with the least surprise on the readers’ faces. However, it should be mentioned that the creator of Harry Potter has always been fond of writing. She studied literature at school then delved into it while she was majoring in English literature at university and has always known that writing would become her cup of tea. There is no information on how good she was at writing research papers, but her figure is quite a role model to follow when it comes to embracing the value of writing while at school or college.





Being a Jack of all trades is not a simple task to deal with. Nonetheless, as you can see there is this special cohort of people who can be brilliant at whatever they choose to do. All these great names that are mentioned in this article have acknowledged how important it is to learn how to write properly. Everything starts from a black sheet of paper, then you come up with the structure and content; first – for the paper, then – for your life.





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