Gun 4 year s ago
This list should be a lot longer.
August 4 year s ago
#11 I guess he was the loneliest man alive at the time, being further away from humans than any other person :-D
Other 4 year s ago
Yeah right.
How about Henri Coandă, Traian Vuia, Petrache Poenaru you dumb sh#t.
English men invented the entire world didn't they, you idiot ?
House 4 year s ago
#5 The unfortunate thing about the Francis Kelsey is that she probably would not have been in position to prevent the Thalomide disaster if her employer knew she was a woman when she applied for the job. With 1st name of Francis they thought she was a man.
Bea 3 year s ago
Maurice Hilleman on vimeo if you are interested
https://vimeo.com/393939096 heart

He’s famous for leading the Doolittle Raid, but a lot of people aren’t aware of his contributions to aviation.

It’s impossible to fly in the clouds with your vestibular senses alone. Without looking at the ground, you can become disoriented and put the plane into a dangerous position and crash. Doolittle realized that to really achieve full freedom of flight a method of safely flying in the clouds was needed. He developed the artificial horizon and directional gyroscope, still used by pilots today. In 1929, he was the first person to take off, fly, and land a plane using only instruments, without view from outside the cockpit.

This is one of the most underrated things that helped make air travel possible. So next time your flight takes off on an rainy, overcast day, you can thank Jimmy Doolittle.


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