“Truth Or Dare” Produces Some Wild Truths… (13 gifs)

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Found out one of my guy friends genuinely proposed to a stripper directly after basic training. Ring and everything. She politely declined.


Playing never have I ever, he unleashed the very specific “never have I ever lost a felt pen lid in my ass”. Long pause, then his mvp friend says “never have I ever put toothpaste on my [email protected]#k”.


Was in a group of six. Four girls, two boys (him and myself are gay). Asked the other guy what his sexiest moment was. He had sucked off a guy in the woods, turns out it was in the same place where I nearly did the same thing to the same guy. As did two of the other girls in the room.


Had a friend during “never have I ever”, the truth drinking game, take a drink when another person said I’ve never had sex with an animal… was kind of floored and didn’t see much of them after that.


Not truth or dare but a co-worker openly talked about how he jerks off his bulldog every three months instead of neutering him.


Izismile Video Collection

One of my classmates had sex on a bicycle. I still wonder how she did it. Or maybe I’m just stupid.


Not exactly truth of dare, but a similar game. A friend of mine admitted that she masturbated discreetly in class when she was bored.


That one of my female friends, who to my knowledge was heterosexual, was the “other woman” to a grandmother 25 years her senior, who was cheating on her husband with her.


We were playing waterfall the drinking game with some other couples at a lake house and someone said never have I ever had a threesome. One girl put her finger down. She got double teamed by 2 dudes. Her boyfriend was not one of the dudes and didn’t know. Rest of the weekend was awkward lol


I was at a party in high school and we decided to play truth or dare. The game was going semi-normal, a few girls had taken their tops off, etc. It all good until one of the popular guys was asked the question “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?”

He answers the question by going into gory detail of finding a stray cat, and mutilating it’s body with an axe, and how it made him feel powerful. Needless to say he was not popular after that game, and I almost felt bad for him because He went from being a popular kid with a happy life to sitting alone at lunch and everyone calling him “cat-killer”


Playing never have I ever at a friends party.

Apparently my very large, very hairy friends petite, somewhat shy longtime girlfriend has licked his butthole on occasion…

The more you know


Had a female friend admit she wanted to have sex with another woman, I told my gf at the time about it, we ended up having a 3 some, thank you truth or dare


During a game of never have a ever, a question came up about hard drugs. One friend who I’d only known for about a month (she was new to the restaurant I worked in and this was the first time I invited her out to dinner with some of my friends) confessed to having formerly been addicted to meth.

This was especially shocking to me because she was only 20, which seems too young to be someone formally addicted to meth. Apparently she got started around 16 and turned to prostitution at 17 to pay for it. Lived that life for about 2 years before her parents moved her across the country to live with her brother and get clean.

Away from the people who were influencing her, she was able to turn it around. I knew her to be a very hardworking, strong girl with a go-getter attitude (but admittedly a very short temper). Now she’s a CNA and studying to be a nurse. I’m so very proud of her.


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