How to Make CBD Vape Juice from CBD Isolate?

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1 How to Make CBD Vape Juice from CBD Isolate?



Vape juices are quite expensive and often go for $100 for a small bottle of approximately 30ml. The costs are too high for some that they may not be able to vape as many times as required. Identifying the easiest, cost-effective, and most exceptional ways of making your own CBD vape juice can help extensively.


Even though the process might be a bit complex, it is still more effective than purchasing vape juice out there. It makes it more convenient for you to enjoy your favorite blend for a more extended period. The complications arise in measurements as one must be precise for quality purposes. Making it at home does not mean you can afford to slack off and produce low-quality goods, thus always pay attention to the ingredients and measurements.



What you need to make the vape juice


There are several ingredients and equipment you need to collect to accomplish this task. These components will ensure that each step is in accordance with the right standards and hygiene. You are supposed to put in the right ingredient proportions, measure the heat, among others. These safety rules are a must, and adherence is crucial. If not able to, you can always commit to stores such as CBDfx because safety is taken seriously at CBDfx in the production of CBD vape juice.


You need the following ingredients to make CBD vape juice:


     ● CBD isolate around 500mg to 1000mg


CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD available on the market. The potency levels are quite high, and you should handle it carefully. As a result, the resulting vape juice will indeed have a higher concentration of CBD in comparison to other products.


     ● Carrier fluid or thinning agent around 30ml


To be able to vape CBD without causing damage to your lungs one requires blending the isolate. Besides, blending reduces the levels of potency to suitable levels for vaping. These agents carry the strain within them and have to follow a specific ratio for different tastes and flavors according to preference. These include:


     ● Propylene glycol

     ● Vegetable glycerin


2 How to Make CBD Vape Juice from CBD Isolate?



The ratio can be 70:30 or 60:40 between the two thinning agents. It induces a balance and kills the harshness involved when vaping. The hit to your throat can survive many combinations, but only one thinning agent alone cannot work as effectively as desired.


     ● Terpenes around 0.5ml or 1.5 ml


Terpenes are quite beneficial to you as an individual. Adding them to the vape juice increases the versatility of the end product. They enhance the effects one expects from the vape, making them much more recognizable and fast.


     ● Flavors


Everyone has a distinct flavor they have vested interests in on any day. These preferences make themselves known once you start vaping. As a professional in that field, you might feel obliged to make different flavors of this specific vape juice. However, stick to what you like most to avoid making a mess of your vape juice.





     ● Gram Scale to help you measure the ingredients correctly.


     ● Sterile containers with lids for preparing the vape juice in and must be clean.


     ● A syringe of approximately 30ml of liquid. The needle must have a blunt tip.


      ● Pestle and mortar for crushing the isolate if already crystallized.


      ● Metal pots for moderating the vape juice.


      ● The heat source for heating.


      ● Container with water. (Water should be medium hot in temperature).


      ● Sterilized bottle of the approximate volume of 30ml.



Preparing the Vape Juice


Measure the ingredients to ensure the right quantities, for instance, CBD isolate is 500mg, and the terpenes are 0.5ml or 1.5ml, among others. Place the isolate in the available pestle and mortar. Start crushing the isolate into smaller ground pieces until it is all smooth. Feel the powder between your fingers to make sure of its refined status before proceeding to the next step.


Mix the vape carrier liquids according to the ratios you prefer. You may want to add 70% of the propylene glycol against 30% of vegetable glycerin for a precise hit on the throat when vaping. However, if you wish to make it mild, then you may reduce to 60% of the propylene glycol against 40% of vegetable glycerin.


Add the terpenes to the propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and any other flavorings or scents you desire in your juice. The mix should be ready beforehand and allowed to rest for approximately two days. This will enable better absorption of the terpenes into the mix and better distribution as well. Measure the mix, and it should be strictly 30ml. However, if you decide to use 1000ml of the CBD isolate, ensure you add the 1.5 ml to the mix instead of the 0.5ml.


Pour these contents into the clean and sterile container waiting on the preparation surface. Use a funnel to make the process easier and to avoid spillage.


3 How to Make CBD Vape Juice from CBD Isolate?



Now add the finely ground crystalline CBD isolate powder into this mix. Tightly fit a lid onto the container. Shake the container until all of the contents dissolve to a smooth liquid with no solid chunks.


Fill the other hot water pot to the same level as the liquid in the container once you place it inside the water. Light the fire and ensure that the flame is medium.


Once the water heats, place the container holding the vape juice mix into the pot. Ensure that the container retains its upright position. Leave the container inside the pot and allow it to simmer.


Ensure that the water is bubbling at the bottom. Do not let it overheat the container, rather, let it heat slowly and continue mixing the mixture within it.


The solution will turn cloudy, and after a while, it will become clear once again. Remove the solution and let it cool down for a while. Sieve it into a sterile container and ensure it has a fitting dropper. The container has to 30ml in volume for storage purposes.





Preparing vape juice, as indicated above, is a simple process. However, one has to make sure that you adhere to the measurements to produce the right quality of CBD vape juice . Take your time to prepare this specimen, and you will not regret the outcomes.




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