TSA Posts The Weirdest Stuff They Confiscate (30 pics)

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This Image Is An Inert Replica Of A Laptop Bomb. What Looks Like Cereal In The Baggie Is Actually Inert Dynamite Flakes

An Erie International Airport (Eri) Tsa Officer Let The Cat Out Of The Bag This Week. Literally. And The Cat’s Name Is Slim

A Knife Hidden In Your Flowers

Here Are Proper Ways Do Declare Firearms And Ammunition, And Then There’s Stuffing Everything In Bicycle Tires

Agent Flynn Has Had It With Snakes On Planes, And Our Officers Prevented A Young Ball Python From Flying The Friendly Skies This Past Sunday

Izismile Video Collection

Listen, We Know You’ve Been Rambling On Ever Since You Lost Your Girl So Fair In The Darkest Depths Or Mordor, But Your Sword Needs To Be Packed With Your Checked Luggage

What We Can Tell You Is That Chainsaws Are Not Permitted In Carry-On Bags

You Won't Have A Beautiful Day If You Try To Bring This "Lipstick" Through Airport Security

Large Organic Mass Turned Out To Be A Bag Of Moose Nuggets (Or Feces, Droppings, Excrements, Etc.) That The Passenger Was Taking Home From Their Alaskan Adventure

Enough Is Enough! We Have Had It With These #%!&@$ Snakes In This %@$&#! Checkpoint!


Please Don’t Get Snippy When Our Officers Tell You That You Can’t Pack These Ginormous Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting Scissors In Your Carry-On

This Bag Of Marijuana Was Discovered Inside Of A Microwave Oven

At First, It Looked Like A Harmless Inanimate Bat, And Then Pfloof!!! It Was A Batarang!

Some Travelers Are Extremely Cautious About What They Pack, While Others Lob Inert Mortar Rounds Into Their Bags

This Looks Like Something Out Of A Mad Max Movie. It’s As If Mad Max Wanted To Paint The Thunderdome With The Blood Of His Enemies. It’s A Paint Roller Wrapped In Sandpaper And Wire With Nails Protruding

Tactical Spork That Allows You To Defend Said Franks And Beans From Ne'er-Do-Wells

Son O’ A Biscuit Eater! Some Land Lubber ‘N Atlanta Stowed A Flintlock ‘N ‘Is Carry-On Duffle! ‘E Won’ Be Walkin’ Th’ Plank Fer It, But Packin’ A Pistol ‘N Yer Carry-On Can Git Ye Thrown ‘N Th’ Brig ‘N Fined

If You Find Yourself Needing To Travel With Your Razor Glove, Please Pack It In Your Checked Bag

This Carry-On Goody Bag, Presented To Our Tsa Officers At The Security Checkpoint, Included An Ax, Throwing Star, Double-Edged Dagger, And Machete

Does This Phone Look Suspicious To You? Well, Besides The Fact That Borat And Idiocracy Were Still In Theaters When This Style Of Phone Was Popular, There’s Something Else Strange About It. It’s A Stun Gun With Shockingly Good Reception!

This Foot-Long Replica Of #naruto’s Minato Namikaze Kunai Was Discovered In A Carry-On Bag At Atlanta (Atl). We Assume The Passenger Was Traveling Alone. Very Alone…

Here’s A Friendly Reminder That Knives Are Not Allowed In Carry-On Bags.

Obviously, There Is Something Fishy About This Knife

If You Are Packing For Your Own Yukon Trek, Please Remember To Remove All Knives From Your Carry-On Luggage

Make No Bones About It, No Knives Are Allowed To Be Packed In Carry-On Bags

While One Might Say That This Pink Plastic Dinosaur-Shaped Grenade Is Dino-Mite, It’s Not Permitted In Carry-On Or Checked Baggage

An 8.5” Knife Was Discovered Inside An Enchilada

Forget Having A Bad Hair Day, You Just Won’ T Have A Knife Day If You Get Tangled Up With A Dagger At A Checkpoint

This Sharp Finger Claw Weapon Was Discovered By Our Eagle-Eyed Officers

Razor Blades Like These Must Be Packed In Checked Bags


Credits:  www.tsa.gov



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