6 Awesome Gifts for a Trendy Entrepreneur

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6 Awesome Gifts for a Trendy Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurship is a common career today, and is a popular path selected by individuals who are driven, hardworking, passionate, and creative about excelling in their own respective businesses. In fact, almost everyone knows someone who owns a business and is inspirational.


The problem with entrepreneurism is that it’s extreme hard work--it’s relentless, not only in the office but outside too, with every ‘spare’ hour spent thinking about business strategy and development. As such, entrepreneurs are often the very worst at taking care of themselves; they would rather be at their desks (again)!


The entrepreneur in your own life could be your friend or family member. Whoever they are, it’s important to support them and spoil them.


You do not have to wait for an occasion to present a gift to an entrepreneur. Gifts are genuine tokens of affection that we should give to people without expecting anything in return. They can make you feel special and valued. They also make you feel loved, especially if they come from the people you value like family and friends.


On the other hand, gifts may be a reward as a result of hard-work and competency in your job. In these lines, you can receive gifts from organizations or business associates that you work with.


Here are some of the most common ones that we give entrepreneurs.





Socks are very important clothing for an unconventional entrepreneur because they prevent their feet from getting cold. Today’s entrepreneurs will prefer flamboyantly colored and patterned socks that attract people even when they are on meetings. Let's say that a man’s official dress code is not complete if they aren’t wearing any socks.


Socks are the number one pioneers of entrepreneurs because they present them as cool and serious guys. People, especially ladies, can spot classy socks as worn by entrepreneurs. The most popular liked socks are made of combed cotton and wool because apart from making you smart, they help to keep your feet warm. I personally bought some from NoColdFeet, on Etsy, and now they also have their own website. You can check them out here.


When you think about it, socks are one of the most affordable gifts. However, the impression they help to create is so much higher. The style of having cute socks will leave up the hype of an entrepreneur.



Hatch Notebook


This type of notebook was specially made for entrepreneurs and planners. It is used to prompt questions through thinking and planning. The book has designated spaces for recording the following information:


·  Ideas


·  Features


·  Markets


·  Demands


·  Possible challenges the entrepreneur is likely to experience


·  Possible solutions to these challenges


As a human being, it is tough to remain self-motivated even if you are passionate about work. You have to make your schedules, hold yourself accountable, and be able to adjust accordingly.


In the book, you can also record your goals, determine the productivity rate. This is what helps you overcome the risk of procrastinating.


The notebook is also important because it uses the productivity hacks. This will help you as an entrepreneur to stay on the tasks and make maximum use of your time. These endless benefits of the hatch notebook are what will make you enjoy the gift.





A tile is simply a device with a Bluetooth tracker that allows you to use a smartphone app to locate those trackers that you are interested in. You can connect the tile with your possessions and use them to track where they could be.


Tiles can be of great importance to an entrepreneur. They can help you to avoid wasting valuable time searching for something that you misplaced.


According to Forbes, entrepreneurs are disorganized in nature because they have lots of things to think about such as work and family issues. Due to such factors, they may end up misplacing some important items like wallets, car-keys, note-books, and other items.


Therefore, this would be a gift that most entrepreneurs would fall in love with. Imagine the amount of trouble you will have saved from looking for things all over the house and office.



Business Cards


A business card is important to an entrepreneur because it keeps records of your personal information such as emails and the details of your company. They make communication and networking much more efficient and easier. According to the New York Times, a business card helps you build a name and network.


Business cards help entrepreneurs exchange contacts with each other directly. This will help you introduce yourself to other business people as part of growing your network. This can also be done online on platforms such as Linkedin.


So, why would an entrepreneur love this gift? Think of it as a simple tool to help market yourself. In short, you may have just helped them save huge amounts of money in marketing expenses.



Portable Coffee Maker


Most of the entrepreneurs will leave early in the mornings and come late at night. You may decide to surprise an entrepreneur with a coffee maker, which will be a very thoughtful gift. With this gift, they do not have to wake very early in the mornings to make some coffee.


The coffee maker is a nice idea because it brews coffee excellently without any bitterness and acidity. It can brew several cups in about a minute, and it takes only a few seconds to clean it up. It is also durable and lightweight, hence easy to move from home to work.


You should also know that coffee is one of the healthiest beverages in the world. Entrepreneurs will prefer coffee more than any other beverage because it improves the energy levels especially when you feel tired and sleepy. Coffee will also warm you up during the cold chilly mornings as you head to work. Also check out this great list of gifts for coffee fans.





According to the BBC, great entrepreneurs should be good at time management. Therefore, a gift that helps to manage time would be one that any entrepreneur will appreciate. If you are planning to present them with a timer, try getting those items that help in time-scheduling.


Time scheduling is essential if an entrepreneur is to accomplish the goals they set. It is key to getting their plans right and avoiding disappointing their clients or business associates. Scheduling also helps an entrepreneur in clearing their long daily to-do list.


On the other hand, a wristwatch would also make an excellent gift in the category of timers. For starters, it helps an entrepreneur look professional and fashionable at the same time. Looking at your wristwatch to know the time is also far much classy than having to pull out your phone.



Get an Entrepreneur a Gift They Can Appreciate


In summary, most human beings, including entrepreneurs, like gifts. Gifts will make you feel loved and appreciated.


You should gift entrepreneurs with things that they will find valuable to them. Also, try finding those that are practical for their everyday activities like the items discussed here.




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