Using Pictures to Enhance Learning in School

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Learning can be done in many ways, and while every student has the style of analyzing and understanding concepts, we can all agree that pictures are everyone's liking. Yes, pictures can make ideas more realistic than they appear in words as there are easier to obtain and visualize.

It is possible since pictures got the ability to retain educative information. It makes learning interesting and urges the students to learn more. Though there are many benefits of using pictures as tools of learning, here are some of the significance of using them in your academic works.

Using Pictures to Enhance Learning in School


Develops Student Visual Literacy Skills

Learning by use of photos boasts visual literacy skills as the student gets to read, write, interpret, analyze, and think critically. In this way, they will be in a position to write the significance of what they see, thus boosting their critical thinking skills and lifelong learning.

Retains Educative Information

Our brain got the ability to restore images seen by the eyes. It means it can keep or remember a picture for a couple of years. These images can be educative and, for that reason, aids students in retaining a lot of information by a single capture of a photo. For example:

           •   Picture of a geographical area. It contains a lot of features like lakes, rivers, oceans, mountains, and many others. These physical features cover a lot of areas to be tackled on, including how they came to existence, where they are found, their merits and demerits, and many other aspects. After all, this information is tackled and neatly capture; they can be stored for future reference.

           •   Forensic scenes. Most of the crime scene evidence is stored in picture forms. This method of restoration mighty later is used by the forensic student to learn more about the particular scene which occurred sometime back.

           •   Maintains culture. The majority of past cultures learned by student in this decade were kept in graphics forms, for example, drawings of manyatta house, pyramids from Egypt, wildlife from Africa, forms of leaderships from different part of the continent which include kingship, use of council of elders up to colonization level.

           •   Project planning. For a plan to be of success, some strategies are followed. Years later, the picture can be used by a student to learn how the structure was made.

Makes Learning Interesting

Most students find learning interesting when the use of pictures is seconding it. It gives the student more ideas on what he or she is studying on. During the study, observation of images is done, and this method makes learning interesting. Imagine a scenario you are all in one class learning ‘how crater lakes were formed,’ and what you all have it’s a lot of theory information minus any pictures.

This type of studying will be boring compared to a scenario where the study of the crater lake is seconded by the use of pictures. The student will get to see how different crater lakes were formed or came to existence, where they are found, and its merits and demerits. The example used above and many others make learning interesting when photos are used. And while doing all this, you can get professional essay writers to help you interpret and analyze a picture or assignment that you don’t understand.

Enhances Student Focus and Concentration Power

While leaning by the use of images, the students get to focus more. You will be in a position to ask yourself what is going on in this picture? What do you see that makes say that? What more can you find? As you continue to question and answer the photo details, you will find yourself already focusing on the studies. Isn’t that obvious?

Going through different types of pictures helps the student to concentrate more on what he or she is learning. It makes them think wider and deeper, thus ending up with more ideas and conclusions about the pictures. Studies show that:

           •   Different pictures give students different ideas on what they are learning

           •   It boasts their method of work presentation

           •   Increase active participation in classwork.

Develops Student Self-Esteem

Some students find it easier to present their work in a diagram form. It helps them to explain more on the topic they were given to present. These types of study boost their self-esteem since they are in a position to present their work well and with confidence.

In Conclusion

Overall, pictures enhance learning in many ways when used appropriately, for its known to be a catalyst that gives to the production of thousands of words and a multitude of creative and analytical thoughts. For the old say mentioned that pictures are worth a thousand words, and for that reason, you might consider having pictures in your studies.




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