Funniest Caricature Examples (10 pics)

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Caricatures are a unique art form that captures one’s personality as well as emotions in a humorous and creative manner.  Beyond the humor, Caricatures may also be used to depict a certain dream, goal or vision and bring a comical angle to any situation.

Much more than just a gag, they mean different things to different people, and as such, they are a great way of humorously capturing a moment or simply visualizing a goal.


1.  Superhero
Remember that childhood dream of becoming a superhero? How cool would that be? Well, here’s the net best thing. A caricature of you in a full superhero costume with your muscles, a tight and a cape.

2.  Bodybuilder
Many people would love to have the strong rippling physique of a bodybuilder, however, the rigorous training required is not for everyone. Hence, the next best thing your face caricature on a body builder’s body! This one is quite funny because it can be used as an inside joke for that friend that seems to work out a lot but doesn’t ever bulk up, Or as a gift to a real bodybuilder. Maybe even a funny source of inspiration. The possibilities are limitless.

3.  Teacher
Caricatures are so great for humorously capturing a situation that even something as commonplace as a teacher in a classroom with a student can be made into a hilarious depiction, complete with really interesting face expressions.

4.  Christmas
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and as such there’s so much love laughter and cheer. So, it’s no wonder a Christmas caricature would turn out so great.

5.  Cat
A cat on a jet ski? That’s so cool! Cat lovers would cherish having a caricature of their feline best friend on a jet ski while they hang out on the water, with MR Whiskers on the Jet Ski.

Izismile Video Collection

6.  Chef
With some food on the table and a bottle of red winter, the look on the chef’s face says only one thing: yet another masterpiece has been created! Magnificent!!!

7.  Dr. Monk
A monk meditating with a stethoscope around his neck... Odd isn't it? This caricature goes beyond simple humor. It conveys a special message between friends and family, and it is also very funny. 

8.  RV
That family trip with the RV along with all the drama involved, captured in a single caricature. This caricature is the perfect humorous account of a fond memory of a family trip.

9.  Dogs in the car
Your favorite pooches are going for a ride. Glasses on and wide smiles as the wind blows the tie behind Max's head. This caricature captures the imagination of your dogs in a cute and very funny light.

10. Family Christmas.
There's no Christmas like a white Christmas spent with the family. Imagine the whole family having fun on a skiing winter vacation or just out enjoying the snow. Either way, a family caricature with the whole family together in the snow can bring fond memories or create new ones.


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