How To Hack Your Mornings

24 Mar 2020


Salted Coffee

Adding salt to coffee is something that many people do nowadays, and for good reason. Not only does it enhance the flavour of the coffee, but it also takes away some of the bitterness with fewer calories than cream and sugar do. Try adding a pinch of salt to your morning brew and see if it helps perk you up even more!



Black tea and cinnamon

If you’re not one for coffee, perhaps you could try adding some black tea to your morning routine. This old-world drink contains both caffeine and L-theanine, which increases alertness and focus. However, if you do enjoy coffee, adding a sprinkle of organic cinnamon can add some extra flavour while also helping keep your blood sugar levels in control.



Warm water/lemon water

Whether or not you’re someone who likes to eat first thing in the morning, it is important that you get water into your system as soon as you wake up. Drinking a glass of warm water in the morning not only rehydrates you, but it helps your body prepare for the rest of the day and whatever else you might be eating or drinking. Keeping hydrated in the morning also helps improve your mental performance. If you’d like to up the game a little bit more, add some lemon to the water.



Wake up with some carbs

Research shows that a higher-carb morning food helps people stay more alert during the day vs those who eat something with little or no carbs. Don’t have time to cook up some oats in the morning? Here is a simple and quick recipe for Overnight Oats.



Turn up the tunes

A lot of people like to keep things quiet in the morning and slowly wake up as they go about their routine. Fair play, but some studies show that music in the morning can help boost happiness and lower anxiety, leaving you feeling a lot better on your way out the door.



Bright colours

Experts say that colours can seriously affect our moods. So, try brightening up your room and living area with colourful accents, pieces of art, or even a new paint job. Dress in brighter clothing, eat colourful foods, these things will help your mood in the morning!



Plan your outfit the night before

Getting your outfit ready and set out in the morning will make things a hell of a lot easier for you when you hop out of the shower. If you don’t shower in the morning, then it’s as easy as hopping out of bed and throwing on your already-chosen clothes.



Plan things ahead of time

If there are things that can be organized the night before, you should get them in order. This will speed up the process in the morning, leaving you with sufficient time to get things done. Frustration due to being in a rush is a huge problem for lots of people in the mornings, so if you can get rid of that, imagine how much better things will be?



Keep your alarm away

Whether you use an alarm clock or your cell phone to wake you up on time, try keeping it at least a few steps away from your bed. The snooze button is the biggest enemy of waking up, and as we all know it does far more damage than good. Keeping your alarm clock or phone a few steps away will ensure that you physically get out of bed to silence it.



Grab some nuts

Before you head out the door, have a handful of unsalted and unsweetened nuts. They’re rich in fat, carbs, and protein (all the good kind) and they will boost your energy levels. Furthermore, they’ll leave you feeling satisfied and full with just a handful.



Move while you brush

Physical activity in the morning has been shown to boost energy and reduce stress. If you can’t find the time to get exercise in, doing some squats, lunges, or even simple wall sits while brushing your teeth for a few minutes is better than nothing!



Soak up the sun

Natural sunlight drastically improves our mood. It also tells our body to stop producing melatonin, thus helping us wake up and become more alert naturally. So long as it’s sunny out, take advantage of it all and take a few moments to soak up the sun before heading out.


Bookmark 11 month s ago
#1 Protip: If you got a headache, but no Aspirin: black coffee with lemon juice will do the trick! Sounds weird, tastes unexpected, helps 100%
Labour 11 month s ago
Bookmark, I don't know about that, so I looked it up. Healthline begs to differ.
Hello 11 month s ago
#2 Cinnamon tea on it's own is a bit meh. Try Masala chai - I use equal amounts dried ginger, cinnamon, star anise, one half to 1/3 measure cardamon (expensive at mo) and 1/4 measure cloves. Infuse with black tea (usual brew time). Then drink with splash of milk like normal black tea. Difficult to drink normal tea without this now!
Stuck 11 month s ago
Hello, Good tip. Masala tea rocks!
Harmless 11 month s ago
@Bookmark: Typical millennial response: "I know everything better, than you because I looked it up." Well kiddo, you just chose to believe someone elses statement. Coffee and lemon juice don´t make any profit for big pharma - could that be a motive? Knowledge is nothing without experience.
Forbidden 11 month s ago
Way to go, Harmless, give his nuts another twist. lol

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