How the Use of Images Has Affected the Education System (2 pics)

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1How the Use of Images Has Affected the Education System

Since the upgrade in technology, the education system has been affected in both positive and negative ways. However, there are some aspects in which the technology has greatly improved the way in which teachers and students learn in and out of their classrooms. A good example is the use of cameras to provide images that many lecturers and teachers use when teaching.

More so, there are some universities and colleges in different countries that have specific stipulations, allowing their professors to use pictures in their classes. The use of pictures in classrooms has enabled the students to get a better understanding of what they study. So, images are excellent education means that are used to illustrate some concepts outside schoolrooms activities and in schoolrooms lecturers.

However, when using images in classes, students can get little benefit if the use of images and pictures has not received additional research and observation before demonstrating them in these classes. Just like any other teaching materials applied in a classroom, these pictures can be used to improve the learning process of students, as well as improve their self-esteem. On the other hand, when this teaching process is not carefully carried out according to the guidelines, students will lower their opportunity to gain valuable knowledge when it comes to their academics.

Displaying Educational Content Outside the Classroom

The brain works in a way to adapt to the different things that you train with. With the idea of visual learning, students can greatly benefit if institutions can invest in the development of it. Experts have proven that when you invest more in the use of pictures and images, the information taught in the classes is likely to be remembered well later.

In general, paintings, pictures, and other images carry the most effective way of the transmission of information, not to mention the fact that they are the most common and the cheapest educational materials. However, this teaching method is the least utilized compared to other ones. There are many school-useful materials that students could use for their dissertation helps, but teachers often ignore the fact of having important useful resources for their work.

Will Students Remember More When Pictures Are Used?

2How the Use of Images Has Affected the Education System

Some research has been done to show that students get and remember more when using visual learning methods. In fact, one study shows that within 72 hours of teaching, if the lecture uses only oral teaching methods, students can perceive or remember only 10% of what they learn in their classes. On the other hand, when a lecture uses some supporting images, the percentage of what students will remember will be 65%. Some of the benefits that are available when using visual learning are:

The material is more clear as it contains both words and graphic
   Images and pictures bring more eye-catching and memorable information compared to words
   Materials used are easily interpreted compared to other learning mediums.

With these facts, one might agree with the saying that a picture has the same value as a thousand words. Pictures can give more than statements on a given topic being discussed. More so, pictures can provide a real experience that students need, gaining it from many learning ways, considering those that are associated with art-related programs.

Where and How Pictures Are Used as Learning Materials

The law has been applied differently on the usage of these means, depending on how these pictures are being applied in the classrooms and who has to use them. For instance, when a lecture decides to teach using images in a classroom, it is 100% accepted by the law. On the other hand, when pictures are used not during the classes, it will be unacceptable. According to this, showing images in an online classroom will not be treated as an offense.

Nowadays, the studying processes have been enhanced by the use of images while learning in the classrooms. Digital tools have been improved to make sure that the learning process is much easier in terms of providing quality and valuable knowledge.

These digital tools have helped a big deal in improving the learning system. Teachers and students are now considering the use of pictures and images in the classrooms as they have more positive results compared to other means of teaching. It has been evident in most learning institutions that have been using this kind of learning. Pictures have tremendous potential when they are properly used as teaching materials. All in all, these pictures should be carefully applied and professionally selected to be most useful to students.




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