Essential Items for Backpacking or Camping

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Essential Items for Backpacking or Camping

Hiking or camping can be a powerful exercise for your mind and body. Numerous health benefits are known and it can improve all from your blood pressure to your sugar levels. Spending time in nature is always a good choice on how you should spend some time, but of course, one should be prepared for his adventures. We wanted to set up a small list of essential items that you need on your next backpacking or hiking trip so, with that let’s start:

Hiking Shoes


On the one hand, packing spare hiking boots in a backpack looks pretty weird because there are no many chances you'll need them. Yet, on the other hand, accidents do happen. Maybe you get wet, or your shoes get damaged, or whatever. Simply, in such situations, it is important to have one spare pair of shoes to make sure that you can safely continue your adventure.

Tent or sleeping bag


Another essential thing you need on a hiking adventure is a tent or sleeping bag. In some cases, you can take both. You don't want to sleep on wet ground or get cold, wet, or anything. Therefore, a tent and sleeping bag are essentials that you must have in your backpack. If you need suggestions or recommendations we suggest checking out for more.

Appropriate extra clothing


Similar to the case with the tent and sleeping bag, you do not have to get cold or have to wear wet clothes. Even if you light a fire, it will take some time to dry, so in such situations spare clothing is more than necessary.

Enough food


There is no doubt that you do not go hiking to hunt animals and do survival exercises as additional activities. It's just not the right thing to do. Instead, any seasoned hiker would advise you to bring enough food for the period you plan to spend on the adventure. These can be sandwiches, canned food or something.

Backpacking stove


Having a backpacking stove is very important in the event that you have to heat up the food you have brought or have to cook it. Of course, you can do this by using a campfire, but with a backpacking stove, it is much easier. Campfire is there to keep you warm, while a backpacking stove is the right thing for preparing a hiking meal.

Eating Utensils


Of course, you probably want to eat the food you previously prepared. In that case, you will probably need to have eating utensils for this purpose. There is no point in eating food with your hands. So, don't forget the fork and the spoon.

Enough water


In the end, it's important to bring plenty of drinking water in your backpack to make sure you don't have to drink water of dubious content. So, once again, hiking is not a survival exercise, and you don't have to turn it into one. Of course, if you want so, then no problem. Still, this is an adventure that should be enjoyable without unforeseen problems. One of the main problems that may arise is the lack of drinking water. There may be a spring nearby, but if you are not sufficiently familiar with water quality, it can be dangerous to drink such water. Therefore, bring enough water. Don't forget that there are water bottles you can use in many ways. For example, there are very useful water bottles that have the function of purifying and removing bacteria . In this case, you can even use spring water.

Bottom Line


So, these are the essential things you really need on a hiking adventure. Make sure you don't forget any of this as no experienced hiker embarks on a new adventure poorly equipped.





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